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China, what are you on? Anwar is a terrible boxer. He ran from Dean Mills all night. He has now power, no speed, no no no. Sorry mate but he will fail at comonwealth and euro level

Posted April 10, 2013 6:11 am 


This guy Hamilton has the funniest punches i have seen , if he is one of the best in britain at the weight, then they are in a bad state.

Posted April 8, 2013 4:07 am 

spencer knows

fearon s boy has got to stick to game plan ,but adil is a bit to skilled and schooled for any thing hamilton throws at him

Posted April 7, 2013 2:43 pm 

speed kills

anwar will pick him off ,i think ,but hamillton is a stylist aswell 34 a bit long in the tooth

Posted April 6, 2013 3:45 pm 


Anwar Sadat?

Posted April 6, 2013 12:56 pm 

jeff in Wales

I thought Anwar was a welter, anyway, a good fight classy boxer vs a good solid strong pro. Tough one to call but i ll go for Hamilton to edge it on heart. Good luck to both and lets expect a good tough British title fight :)

Posted April 6, 2013 8:37 am 


The Asian community????????????? Come ooooooooonnnnnnnn……I’m a huge fan of Anwar. Im sure he finds it an insult to be referred to as Asian. He’s Middle Eastern.
And Adil Anwar ftw in this one……..

He’s a world level boxer, he just don’t know it yet. He’s gonna school this domestic titlist, then he’s moving to Euro level then challenging for a world title. And HE’LL win one.

Posted April 6, 2013 8:34 am 

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Darren Hamilton To Defend Against Anwar

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