Justice served cold: Mayweather remains


By Phenyo Molefe: It’s has been just over a week and half since the boxing world was cast in flames, bearing witness to the return of the gifted Floyd Mayweather in a masterful showing which left no reason for doubt. His fight seemed a tactical tool of composition, seemingly sketched as a warning to those who dare doubt his brilliance and ability to draw retribution.

Voices emanating from various circles along boxing’s lines painted a portrait which would see Mayweather challenged by the seemingly younger and stronger Ortiz. However such a story was found seeking foundation as Mayweather unveiled what many of us have accepted as truth; dominance.

Floyd Mayweather has amassed a notable army of detractors who violently oppose that which he represents and the character he so often assumes prior to his bouts. Their echoes often time ring far louder than the cries of those who eagerly hold his flag. He has forged a stellar record, defeating all 42 souls who fell short of victory. His record, always proclaimed, still remains unblemished, his ability often challenged but never found lacking. Floyd Mayweather is boxing’s star and continues to be the biggest draw at the box office.

I saw a marked difference in his approach in fighting Ortiz, similarly seen in his initial rounds against Shane Mosley. Floyd came out far more aggressively than once before, overtly willing to absorb punishment in order to deliver devastating blows of his own. Even in charting untested territory, he smiled, seemingly unperturbed by the hailing onslaught unleashed upon him; yet his adversaries found themselves greeting an unfavourable script. The volatile and often brash character he assumes in series at times overshadows the cerebral mechanics evident in the genius that is Floyd. His aura of invincibility rains true with every passing bout etched along his decorated career, the world knows no answer to his brilliance.

Victor Ortiz can afford himself all the excitement and misguided justification he desires, however it all falls short of the evening’s events. Although Ortiz was only penalized once, it was clear from early in the fight that he was prepared to employ his cranium in his arsenal against Mayweather. He stands today shamelessly assuming the character of a victim campaigning for a rematch. His promoter, Oscar de la Hoya clearly infuriated is toying with a rematch in the hopes to redeem his own efforts and Ortiz’s loss. Victor sought to provoke questionable settings which would render him a winner but found himself lacking when the consequences came forth. Lessons have been learnt, Ortiz will forever hesitate in bringing his battering ram to a fight. Nonetheless, the fight left us feeling abbreviated, eager for more.

I am not here to champion Floyd’s cause nor am I here to seek his pardon. However I do sing praise to his accomplishments and the ability he has exhibited. Love him or hate him, a day will come when we will revert from some of our subjective demonetization and acknowledge the brilliance this man possesses. 42 have come, 42 have been tested, 42 have left the ring cloaked in disappointment. Many will continue to look for the formula to defeat Floyd Mayweather and many more will unwillingly dance to disenchantment. He charts his own praise and on almost every occasion has been able to deliver his will.

May justice be served and grant us exciting bouts to see this charge tested, varying his assault in the making of a legacy we still bear witness to. It is my wish that boxing’s gods deliver Andre Berto, Amir Khan, Sergio Martinez and in conclusion Manny Pacquiao. The last two years have seen us seduced to impotence with the promise of a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout only to leave us dry and wanting. May justice be served and afford us an observation of greatness foretold.