Vitali Klitschko Beats Odlanier Solis In One Round!

By James Slater– Tonight in Cologne, Germany, WBC heavyweight king Vitali Klitschko made surprisingly short work of challenger Odlanier Solis of Cuba. “Dr Iron Fist” lived up to his nickname as he flattened the Olympic gold medallist with a right hand to the head at the end of the opening session, dropping the unbeaten contender for the count.

The shot seemed to catch Solis around the temple, and “La Sombre’s” legs turned to jelly. Trying his best to get back up and continue, the 30-year-old was simply unable to do so. The official time was three-minutes exactly of the 1st-round, and the mighty Klitschko improved to 42-2(39). Solis, who promised so much coming in, fell to 17-1(12).

The challenger made a sprightly start to the fight, as he tossed in some decent lefts and rights to the 39-year-old champion’s head, and for a while it looked like we might have a good fight. Vitali dominated the movement in the ring and he controlled the distance as we have seen him do so many times, but he did get tagged by at least a couple of tasty-looking shots. But then, right at the end of the opener, Klitschko blasted Solis with a right hand that landed high on the head and the challenger crumbled.

There did seem to be a problem with Solis’ right leg, as the Cuban clutched it as he tried to get back up. There was no excuse to be made, however, and Vitali proved he was the better, the harder-hitting and much stronger fighter.

The huge crowd, who had paid a small fortune for tickets, booed what they evidently felt was a lack of effort on the part of Solis, and Klitschko himself seemed to urge Solis to get up and continue to fight. But it was all over – the challenger got caught with a nasty shot to the head, his legs went, and that was all she wrote.

I for one never seem to learn my lesson. Both Klitschkos – Wladimir and Vitali – keep on winning; with seemingly effortless ease. Solis, who never froze or appeared intimidated, was expected to bring out the best in Vitali. Instead he was literally blown away. David Haye, next for Wladimir, is talking an even better fight than Solis was. Will he too go home with a crushing, humiliating loss?

As hard as both brothers hit, no-one should be surprised when they win so swiftly. The question is a valid one: will either sibling ever taste defeat again? .