Video: Bailey vs Ouali ruled a no contest!

(December 10, 2010 – Antwerp, Belgium) Randall “The Knockout King” Bailey dropped Said Ouali twice before Ouali took a spill over the ropes, forcing a controversial no contest in their International Boxing Federation (IBF) elimination bout on Friday night in Antwerp.

The first round was déjà vu for Belgian fight fans, who in March witnessed Bailey knockout local favorite Jackson Bonsu in one round, when Bailey connected with his patented straight right in the bout’s opening moments. However, referee Rumerio Ruggieri claimed Bailey did not immediately make his way to the neutral corner, adding several additional seconds to the count.

“When I hit someone, I know where the neutral corner is. That’s my job,” said a distraught Bailey from his locker room Belgium. “[The count] was at least 15 seconds.”

Ouali survived the round, but it was more of the same in round two. Bailey dropped Ouali for the second time in as many rounds on another picture perfect straight right..

“When I threw that right, I knew it was going to land,” said Bailey. “Next thing I knew, he was looking at the sky. “

What happened after Ouali got up is what ultimately ended up halting the fight.

According to ringside reports, Ouali lunged himself at Bailey, causing both men to fall to the canvas, with Ouali on top of Bailey. Bailey arose with Ouali on his back, and immediately attempted to help Ouali back onto his feet. After getting back on the ground, Ouali reached for the ropes to brace himself, but lost balance and fell over.

Contrary to some reports coming out of Belgium, Bailey did not toss Ouali over the ropes. “I didn’t even know how he got to the other side of the ropes after I put him down,” said Bailey.

Ouali got the standard five minutes to recover and carry on with the fight, but ringside physicians deemed that he could not. The bout was ruled a no contest.

“We are working to get this injustice resolved,” said Lou DiBella, President of DiBella Entertainment, Bailey’s promoter. “We have already had conversations with the IBF about what will be done. The fact is, Ouali tasted Randall Bailey’s power and was on the verge of being another knockout victim at the hands of the most powerful fists in boxing.”

“I’m very disappointed,” said Bailey. “I trained so hard because I knew how important this was for me. In the end, I did what I had to do.”

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