David Haye Says A Fight Between He And Wladimir Klitschko “Is Looking Likely For Next March In Las Vegas”

By James Slater – No sooner does world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko pull out of his scheduled defence against Dereck Chisora, are we inundated with speculation about a great many things. Right now, there are on the net articles debating whether or not Wladimir’s injury claims are genuine, there are articles suggesting “Dr. Steel Hammer” got cold feet over the Chisora fight when he realised that “Del Boy” was no pushover, and there are articles suggesting that Wladimir is already looking towards fighting arch-rival David Haye in his next fight..

And though the unbeaten Chisora and his promoter are adamant a Klitschko-Haye fight will have to wait because the match-up that was set for tomorrow night will be rescheduled (Chisora says he will take no step aside money), Haye himself has given an interview in which he says he expects to meet Wladimir next March in Las Vegas.

For the longest time, Haye and Klitschko have been unable to reach a deal that satisfies both sides. But now, with the Chisora fight off, many people think the two sides will sit down (or may have already done so) and thrash out a deal. Haye told today’s issue of The Sun newspaper that he expects the fight next spring – and Haye is trying his best to get the fight on at Wembley Stadium in London. However, the WBA champ feels the probable venue will be somewhere in Vegas.

“I will move heaven and earth trying to get the bout with Klitschko staged in England,” Haye said. Wembley would be the ideal place for such a big fight, but of course, there is the weather to contend with. It’s looking likely for next March in Las Vegas, though maybe we could push it back six weeks because of the weather. It’s so unpredictable.”

Hang on a minute! How far have Haye-Klitschko talks gone already? Have the two sides actually sat down and come as close as they have in a long time to reaching a deal? It sure sounds like it, what with Haye suggesting “it looks like next March in Las Vegas.” Surely a deal must be imminent if Haye is arguing about the fight’s venue?

But IF Haye’s people and Klitschko’s people have sat down and talked about the fight we all want to see, where will this leave Chisora? What will the legal implications be if Wladimir decides he wants to fight Haye next March and chooses to forget about the man who has a valid, signed contract for a fight with him? Or is Wladimir planning to take the rescheduled fight with Chisora quite quickly and then face Haye shortly afterwards? Two fights is a maximum of 21 weeks? That would be some schedule for Wladimir, or for any other heavyweight these days.

But whatever happens with Chisora, Haye is confident he will face Wladimir next spring – and then fight WBC boss Vitali after that!

“I want Wlad’s brother Vitali before I retire next November as well,” Haye said. “When I beat Wlad, and take his IBF and WBO titles, it will be a long step down the road to unifying the division. I can finish it off by taking Vitali’s WBC title.”

So, does Haye know something we do not, and have advanced talks for the fights between he and the Klitschko’s begun? The timing is strange if this is the case, for only last month the respective managers of the two fighters were still at loggerheads over the T.V money. Are we now supposed to believe a deal has been reached when all looked lost so recently?

Has Haye agreed to a Klitschko contract that demands that if he beats Wladimir he faces him in an immediate rematch and then, after that, he fights Vitali? Such demands have in the past been referred to by Haye as conditions of a “slave” contract. What’s changed now?

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