Danny Green Sees Himself Knocking Out Roy Jones Junior

by James Slater – The December 2nd cruiserweight clash between all-time great Roy Jones Junior and Aussie hard man Danny Green was an interesting enough fight before, but now that 40-year-old Jones knows he must win if he’s to secure the long awaited return fight with Bernard Hopkins, the IBO title fight has even more intrigue to it..

What has made the upcoming bout even more exciting is the way Green has come out and said he has lost all respect for the modern day legend, and that he sees himself knocking Jones out when they square off in Sydney.

Talking to The Daily Telegraph in Australia, 36-year-old Green, 36-2(28) says he has been having a recurring vision in which he sees himself shocking Jones inside the scheduled 12-rounds.

“I can see it,” Green told the Daily Telegraph. “I have this recurring vision that I’ve got and I haven’t had this feeling for a long time. I can envisage an earlier than 12th-round stoppage by myself against Roy Jones. Knocking Roy Jones out is going to put me right at the top of the mountain and to beat him in the form he’s in is going to make it even more of an achievement.”

Apparently, Jones, who is now in Australia, annoyed Green by saying he would not last 12-rounds with him. The former super-middleweight and light-heavyweight titlist who has never previously been stopped says he lost respect for Jones because of what he said he’d do to him.

“The respect’s gone, it’s in the past,” Green said. “This bloke’s coming to knock me out and that’s a very personal thing to do in front of my family and friends.”

Jones, 54-5(40) has not yet predicted a round, saying how quickly he wins depends on how Green comes at him once the bell goes.

“Danny brings what he brings but I don’t think he will see the 12th-round,” Jones said confidently.

Of the fight that looks set to take place in he wins on December 2nd (the rematch with “B-Hop”), Jones said he is far from excited about the rematch.

“I beat Hopkins with one hand,” Roy said. “That ain’t nothing new to do. This [the Green fight] is new. I like new stuff. That old business is old business. I beat Hopkins way before you even knew his name. Why should I be concerned about him? That’s not even the issue right now.

“This fight solidifies part of my historic run. That’s [cruiserweight] the only weight class I’ve not been crowned champion in.”

Roy Jones more pumped up for a fight with Danny Green than for one with Bernard Hopkins? Who’d have though that!?!