Mayweather Jr To Make “Announcement” Shortly Before Hatton-Pacquiao – “Money” Looking To Steal The Show?

by James Slater – It has been reported that the “retired” Floyd Mayweather Junior will make a big announcement regarding his fighting future tonight. “Money” is set to hold a press conference just hours before the huge Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton super-fight in Las Vegas. With ESPN and The L.A Times reporting that Mayweather’s anticipated return is planned for July, the 32-year-old great will in all likelihood confirm this tonight. Typical of the brash and unbeaten star, is the fact that he is holding his press conference on the very night his two possible rivals (once again rival in the case of Hatton) clash in a fight that is being billed as a pound-for-pound battle of supremacy..

Planning, no doubt, to steal the show tonight and leaving the media and the fans talking about him as opposed to what the two 140-pounders do in the ring, Mayweather is expected to announce a fight with the superb, but naturally smaller Juan Manuel Marquez. Tonight, then, is a really big night for the sport of boxing. Who will garner the most headlines tomorrow, Mayweather, or the Hatton Vs. Pacquiao winner?

It’s no secret Mayweather is utterly convinced he is still the best fighter on the planet, pound-for-pound, even though right now that title rightfully and deservedly goes to the awesome Filipino southpaw who goes by the nickname “Pac-Man.” And what the fans really want is for Mayweather and Pacquiao to get it on some time later this year (assuming, of course, that Pac can beat Hatton!).

ESPN reported yesterday that a Mayweather-Marquez fight is likely to happen in the summer, at an agreed catch-weight of 144-pounds. After Mayweather confirms this tonight, the hype will start for that clash of pound-for-pound masters. And assuming he wins against the brilliant Mexican, Mayweather against either Pacquiao or Hatton will almost certainly happen.
Hatton has said many times that he would relish another go at the only man to have thus far beaten him, but, with all due respect, it is a Mayweather-Pacquiao meeting that really gets the fans excited with anticipation.

Speaking about such a fight, “Pac-Man” said he’d definitely be up for it.

“I would fight him if he decided to fight again,” Manny said. “I can fight at different weights. It depends on the fighter.”

Pacquiao’s trainer Freddy Roach also welcomes the fight.

“Manny is not afraid of anyone,” Roach said recently. “Whatever comes next comes next. If Floyd comes out of retirement, okay.”

Now awaiting the sublimely-skilled multi-weight champion’s scheduled take to the microphone to let us all know officially that he is going to fight again, fans will be hoping Mayweather announces more than just a planned fight with Marquez. For though a win there would be a fine one for the 39-0(25) 32-year-old, a subsequent fight and a win over tonight’s winner would really give us something to talk about.