Michael Jennings Says No Way Is He Finished, Will Focus On British And European Honours

by James Slater – Showing the character and spirit those who know him are aware he has in spades, welterweight title challenger Michael Jennings has made it clear he is in no way finished because of what Miguel Cotto did to him this past Saturday. Once again upbeat, the 31-year-old who gave it his best shot but was stopped inside five rounds in New York, Jennings spoke about how he sees his future in boxing going. The WBO title challenger began by admitting how hard the superb Cotto hit him to the body..

“That left hook to the body was a good shot,” Jennings said. “I’ve never been hurt before and I’ve never been stopped before and fair play to him, he caught me with a good shot. I did my best. I trained well to fight Miguel Cotto but he was just better than me on the night. I wanted to carry on but the referee stopped it and that was the end of the fight.”

Jennings, as game as they come, would have done, too. But the writing was on the wall and Cotto, a lethal finisher, had his number. Now, however, with the whole experience likely to have done him nothing but good in the long run, Jennings will look to box on at domestic and European level. A former British 147-pound champion, Jennings sees himself regaining the title, or maybe winning the European, if given the opportunity.

“I just want to carry on boxing, whatever they’ve got for me next,” Jennings said. “Obviously I’m not going to pack up after this. I’ve just been beaten by one of the best in the world. He’s a lot stronger than the guys I’ve boxed before, by far the best that I’ve boxed.

“I want to keep going and fight for different things, whether it be a British title or a different title. I’ve already beaten the European [welterweight] champion (Poland’s Rafal Jackiewicz, on points in May of 2004), so why not fight for that? I’m going to carry on, definitely, without a doubt. I’ll take a week off and get back in the gym.”

Now possessing a record of 34-2(16), there really is no need for Jennings to call it a day. There is certainly no shortage of intriguing and meaningful fights for him in Britain right now. How about Jennings Vs. Kell Brook, for instance? Or Jennings Vs. Matthew Hatton? Or maybe Jennings will look to avenge his only other loss, and box Young Muttley in a return.

Whatever fight he gets next, Jennings is sure to get a big cheer from the crowd upon entering the ring. He may have come up short against Cotto, but he gave it his best and that’s one thing the British fans respect.

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Boxing News Michael Jennings Says No Way Is He Finished, Will Focus On British And European Honours