MSE Disputes Chapman Claim That Povetkin Is Ducking Him

27.02.07 – Munisteri Sports & Entertainment President Steve Munisteri disputes the story that appeared last week contending that Alexander Povektin was dodging a fight with J.D. Chapman. According to Munisteri, the German Television Network and Sauerland Promotions always wanted David Bostice as the preferred boxing opponent for Alexander Povektin and that they only looked to other opponents when Bostice turned down the fight initially. Steve Munisteri, President, stated, “We were called a couple of months ago and we were told that German TV was so happy with David Bostice’s performance against Luan Krasniqui that they would like him to return to Germany to face Alexander Povektin..

“However, a deal could not be reached at that time because David already had a scheduled fight and the money was not significant enough. It is my understanding it was only at that point that they looked to other boxing opponents such as J.D. Chapman as potential replacements. However, the German promoter made it clear to us from the start that we were the opponent that they wanted. Just prior to attempting to finalize a deal with another opponent they called and met our financial terms and we agreed to take the fight if David would be still allowed to fight Earl Ladson.

“A fight contract was then made contingent on David beating Earl Ladson, which he did. Thus, the truth of the matter is that Povektin is not ducking anyone. It is my belief that the David Bostice fight is a much more dangerous fight for Povektin than Chapman anyway. Chapman is an unproven young heavyweight and David is an experienced heavyweight who recently fought extremely well against Calvin Brock and Luan Krasniqui in the last year and one-half.”


Munisteri went on to say that if J.D. Chapman really wants to establish himself by beating another young prospect, then instead of fighting a fighter such as Povektin with only ten fights then he should fight another fellow prospect with about the same number of fights. Munisteri indicated that Raphael Butler who is 25 wins, 3 losses and 1 draw would be happy to accept J.D. Chapman as his opponent on an April 6 Showbox show being promoted by Goossen Tutor.

According to Munisteri, “If Chapman really wants to show that he can fight, we welcome him to accept the opportunity to fight our fighter, Raphael Butler, on April 6 on Showbox. We have been informed that we will be the opening bout and we have been looking for a suitable opponent. I think this would be a great match up between two young heavyweights. Of course, if Chapman turns this fight down he will show the world that he suffers from the same ailment that he accused Povektin of suffering from that being lack of ‘testicular fortitude’.”

Munisteri said that all J.D. Chapman and his manager Scott Hirsch have to do to make the fight is call Tom Brown, matchmaker for Goossen Tutor.


Meanwhile, Munisteri noted that David Bostice, fresh off his unanimous win against Earl Ladson, has been training vigorously for his fight with Alexander Povektin and hopes to reestablish himself as a contender in the heavyweight division. Munisteri stated, “David fought a very close competitive fight with Calvin Brock with an injured left elbow. He then went to Germany and put up a competitive fight against Luan Krasniqui in his backyard. This invigorated David to recommit himself to attempt to reestablish himself as a contender in the heavyweight division by fighting a top prospect. David is confident that he will beat the gold medal winner and emerge once again as a contender as he was once considered.”

Munisteri went on to say, “Tim Witherspoon had a period of time from his early to late 30’s where he was considered no longer to be a contender. Then all of a sudden in his late 30’s he emerged as a formidable contender winning several significant bouts. David is still only 34 years old despite his 49 fights and in today’s division that is not old. David still has time to reestablish himself as a contender and make a run for a title shot before he retires.

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Boxing News MSE Disputes Chapman Claim That Povetkin Is Ducking Him