Interview: Nate “The Galaxxy Warrior” Campbell

27.02.07 – By: Brad Marchetti: This Friday Espn’s Friday Night Fights will play host to an excellent I.B.F Lightweight boxing title eliminator between Nate Campbell,34, and Ricky Quiles,36. This is a crossroads for both fighters as the winner gets a shot at a world title, a feat neither of these aging contenders has ever conquered. Nate Campbell is one of the most exciting fighters around today. He always comes to fight and possesses the ability to end a match with one punch. This will be the classic boxer vs. puncher matchup and is must see TV for all fans of the sport..

Brad Marchetti: Nate, this Friday night is a make or break fight for your career. What does this fight mean to you?

Nate Campbell: Almost all my fights have been make or break fights. A lot of people have always kicked dirt on me. I’ve had John David Jackson as my boxing trainer for my last two fights and I feel more confident than ever. I’m truly comfortable with him in my corner, it makes a difference.

BM: Nate, you always seem to make exciting fights. Will this fight be any different? Are you coming to stretch Ricky Quiles out on the canvas?

NC: First of all I want to say thank you for calling me an exciting fighter. Second, answer this question. Are elephants heavy? That’s your answer. So yes I am coming to knock Ricky Quiles out! It’s nothing personal, I like knockouts so the judges have no way of taking a win away from me.

BM: Are you concerned with Quiles southpaw style and movement at all?

NC: I’m actually very familiar with Quiles. I used Ricky as my sparring partner when I was getting ready for Joel Casamayor. My whole team around me is very familiar with Quiles. John David Jackson won’t be with me because my boy Allan Green needs him in Puerto Rico, but it won’t matter. Ricky has no way to beat me. I can either outbox him or I can beat him up.

BM: How sharp are you for this fight?

NC: Put it this way I’m 136 lbs. Right now! I could make weight tomorrow. I eat 3 healthy nutritious meals a day. I’ve been eating real good. I feel great both physically and mentally. This week will be all fine tuning. I’m fully prepared. I know for a fact Quiles isn’t under even 140 right now.

BM: Are you a full-time fighter or do you have another job?

NC: I’m a full-time fighter. If it were up to me I would fight once a month. I love to fight.

BM: What is your lifestyle like outside the ropes?

NC: Don’t drink, don’t smoke. My passion is Muscle cars. I have a nice collection.

BM: What would you like to say to your fans at, and worldwide?

NC: Expect to see a great fight on Friday. There won’t be nothing different, just the same excitement I bring to all of my fights. I will put my heart and soul into this fight from start to finish.

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Boxing News Interview: Nate “The Galaxxy Warrior” Campbell