Open letter from John Ruiz to James Toney

26.10.05 – By John Ruiz: Toney, You should have kept your big mouth shut. If you were going to respond to my request for a stricter steroid policy in boxing — random testing — you should have at least told the world the real “TRUTH”…..You are a liar AND a cheat!

As my team has pointed out in the past, the reason you did not appeal the sanctions the New York State Athletic Commission and the WBA imposed for violating their rules is simple: You were caught using performance enhancing anabolic steroids.

Even when we dared you to appeal, you refused. Why? The reason is your excuse about prescription drugs magically turning into an anabolic steroid is an outright lie and medically impossible. The NYSAC already rejected that so-called excuse and if you had appealed, you would have had to release any confidentiality regarding the actual results of your doping test. If that were done your lies would be obvious to everyone.

Your blood was full of nandrolone, a performance enhancing anabolic steroid. The nonsense you claim about speeding cars and “extenuating circumstances” surrounding your failed test is ridiculous Talk about being a man, my challenge to you is to publicly release your blood test results. You did not do that in the past and I seriously doubt that you’ll do it now.

In your last sentence you applaud the Commissions and the organizations for “the great job of protecting and when need be, penalizing the fighters.” Does that mean you are not going to try to have the WBA change its current rules to help you out and remove the two-year ban from the WBA ratings penalty its current anti-doping rules require? I don’t think so.

By the way, show some balls and let whomever you get to argue that point at the WBA convention next week in Seoul to bring a copy of your actual blood tests with them. I dare you.

John “The Quietman” Ruiz
WBA Heavyweight Champion

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Boxing News Open letter from John Ruiz to James Toney