Hatton looks to bust up Tszyu’s Body!


31.05.05 – By Bradford Scott: This Saturday, we are all lucky enough to see the best Jr. Welterweight in the world fight again as Kostya Tszyu takes on the undefeated Ricky Hatton at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester, England. Only mere 5 months after he dispatched Sharmba Mitchell, Kostya is back and ready to defend once again, taking on yet another career defining challenge.. This fight, if nothing else, promises to let the cat out of the bag about Hatton. I personally have always been quite impressed with him, because one of his favorite things is also one of mine – body punching. He throws body shots in volumes, and is going to be throwing those shots with Gatti-like intention, come Saturday night.

However, Hatton has yet to be tested by very serious competition with very serious firepower. Tszyu has that feared right hand that at anytime can cause sudden chicken-dances, ala Judah. After losing the first round against Judah, Tszyu hit him with a monster shot that created the would be chicken dance and put Judah’s lights out.

Hatton’s forte isn’t his one punch power, but his conditioning and stamina and the sheer volume of punches he throws. He will have the ability to throw punches in droves. He will not stop coming at Tszyu the entire time, unless something prevents him from doing that, and that could be that right hand of Tszyu’s.

Hatton has been quoted as saying he’s gonna do what Vince Phillips did so successfully to Tszyu in his only defeat as a pro which happened way back in 1997, and that is put pressure on Tszyu early and stay on him and try to back him up. Even Judah didn’t do this. Judah boxed with Tszyu, winning the first round then getting countered by a perfect right hand in the second

Whatever happens Saturday night, I think this is gonna be a good fight, and more entertaining and enjoyable than most people give it credit for. Make sure you are glued to the set and watching Showtime at 9pm Eastern/Pacific.

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