Mike Arnaoutis: Gritty Greek Gores Gallardo

20.12.04 – Cestus Management’s junior welterweight sensation “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis claimed yet another devastating victory last Friday night, stopping the durable and highly regarded Jauquin “Killer” Gallardo with 20 seconds left in the 3rd round of a scheduled 10-round contest..

Speedy southpaw Arnaoutis set the pace from the opening bell, probing Gallardo’s defense with snapping jabs and long, laser-straight left hands. Having seen enough of his adversary to determine a weakness and act accordingly, “Mighty” Mike delivered a stunning combination in round 2 of the action, culminating in a left to the body and a right hook to the head that put the “Killer” down hard. To his credit, Gallardo rose to his feet and survived the round, withstanding in the process the brutal and dangerously accurate body attack of a determined “Mighty” Mike. Gallardo returned to his corner with blood flowing from his mouth and eye. Arnaoutis returned to his corner with the blood of his opponent coloring his formerly white trunks. In the 3rd, two clashes of the fighters’ heads caused a deep cut to open on Gallardo’s scalp, further bloodying both pugilists. As the final 30 seconds of the round set in, Arnaoutis struck again, flooring Gallardo with a powerful straight left hand and causing Referee Raul Caiz to immediately stop the action.

Says the triumphant Arnaoutis, “Gallardo is a brave fighter. I put him down, and he got up and kept going. He is a good, strong fighter, but it wasn’t his night, it was our night. My night and a night for my Cestus team. No matter who I get in the ring with, it’s always our night. Steve Farhood said on TV that I show something new and impressive every time I fight. This time it was the right hook, which is a punch that I’ve been working on in training with team Cestus. I want everyone who watches to see something different every fight, so that they know that I’m getting better every time. This was a great year for us, but it’s only the beginning. I have faith in my team, and I know Cestus Management will get me to the top of the boxing world.”

It was indeed a great year for the “Pride of Greece,” and one that concluded with 3 consecutive action-packed appearances on the Showtime Network’s ShoBox: The New Generation series, considered the premier showcase for up-and-coming pugilistic talent in the world.

Says Advisor Mike Michael, “I couldn’t be more pleased, I really couldn’t. This is a kid with only 14 professional fights, and look at the progress he’s making every single time. They said ‘Mighty’ Mike couldn’t beat Urango because Urango was such a big puncher. Well, my kid got in there and he showed everyone how schooled and technically sound of a boxer he is. They said he couldn’t beat Feliciano because Feliciano was too tough and too durable, and he had so much experience against top guys. Freddie Cadena couldn’t beat him. Arturo Morales couldn’t beat him. Jermaine Marks, Speedy Gonzales, they couldn’t beat him. Well, ‘Mighty’ Mike stepped up and knocked Feliciano out in one single round. And Gallardo, they said Mike couldn’t beat Gallardo because Gallardo was a kid with the same amateur experience as him. They said Gallardo had seen it all. They said that Gallardo had been in with better fighters than my kid and given them the toughest fights of their careers. Well, ‘Mighty’ Mike stood in there with Gallardo and showed everyone exactly what he’s made of. And my kid handed Gallardo the first knockout loss of his entire career.

“I want to thank some people for all their help, specifically Gary Shaw and Gary Shaw Productions, for putting together these fine shows and keeping the fight fans entertained. Also, George Horowitz, Adam Geisler and my good friend Fritz Zivic at Everlast, who allow us to use their quality products. And last but certainly not least, another great friend of mine, legendary cutman Jacob “Stitch” Duran, who did our handwraps and cuts for this fight. His help is very, very much appreciated, as is the help of everyone I mentioned. We hope these people continue to be a part of our Cestus Management family over the coming year.”

Boxing fans are advised to keep their eyes on young “Mighty” Mike Arnaoutis, as the exciting Greek pugilist plans to fight at least 5 times over the coming year, defending his undefeated 12-0-2 record, his WBO-NABO junior welterweight Championship title and, most importantly, his standing as one of the hottest prospects in the fight game.

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