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10.18.04 – By Matthew Hurley: Well, things are a bit slow right now in the boxing world so I thought I would itemize my personal “wish list” for the fight game and it’s many participants. I’m sure I’ll miss some of your personal wishes and feel free to either call me on it or add your own.

Here goes…

For Thomas Hearns – induction into the Hall Of Fame and the knowledge of how beloved he is by fight fans for always giving them their money’s worth.

For Evander Holyfield – health, happiness and RETIREMENT!

For Lennox Lewis – the will power to remain retired.

For Roy Jones – a permanent address at HBO – with a microphone in his hands instead of his fists encased in boxing gloves.

For Jim Lampley – more hairspray.

For Larry Merchant – another martini to mix more metaphors.

For Max Kellerman – more hair gel.

For Oscar De La Hoya – a return to the welterweight division.

For Felix Trinidad – a rematch with Bernard Hopkins at Madison Square Garden.

For Bernard Hopkins – one final big pay day.

For Vitali Klitschko – a good cut man.

For Wladimir Klitschko – a chin as hard as his punch.

For James Toney – no more injuries.

For Shane Mosley – a wife who doesn’t intrude on his boxing career. (damn Yoko – with acknowledgment to Pedro Fernandez)

For Winky Wright – another win over Shane Mosley.

For Fernando Vargas – a back that doesn’t ache.

For Erik Morales – four more years as the most exciting fighter in the sport.

For Diego Corrales – a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

For Floyd Mayweather – unbreakable hands.

For Micky Ward – good health and salutes from all boxing fans who appreciate a true blue collar fighter.

For Arturo Gatti – one more big pay day and a good golf game.

For boxing fans – unified champions in every division… a return of boxing on free television on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and cheaper pay per view prices.

And for all professional fighters – health insurance and a pension plan.

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