David D. Haye Gunning For September Date With Mark Hobson

31.05.04 – By Elliot Worsell: The message is clear. David D. Haye, Mark Hobson, September, British and commonwealth titles. Arrange it how you will. The Bermondsey hotshot, who has become the talk of most British boxing circles since his scintillating demolition job on Arthur Williams 4 weeks ago, has set his sights firmly on a mouth watering domestic dual with Lonsdale titleholder Mark Hobson.

Manager and trainer Adam Booth orchestrated the Arthur Williams gamble, in the hope of shooting his charge through the IBO rankings, and is now attempting to work similar wonders for a British and commonwealth title challenge.

“We have many options open for David, but the one we’re intensely looking at, is Mark Hobson in September for the British title. I’ve been in touch with David’s promoter Robert Waterman and Hobson’s trainer Chris Aston in the hope of sorting something out. Everyone needs to stop talking about it, and start making moves to create the fight.” Booth stated.

Reigning champion Hobson, coming off a career best 6th round stoppage of Lincoln rival Lee Swaby, is one of three men Haye has set his sights on in the British Isles – the ex amateur dazzler admitted.

“The only fighters I will fight from Britain are Carl Thompson, Mark Hobson and Enzo Maccarinelli. Of course, if I need a tune up or a warm up fight then, there will be others. But those three are the one’s I want. I know Frank Warren won’t put Enzo anywhere near me, so that one’s unlikely. Hobson and Thompson however, can easily be made.” The unbeaten puncher proclaimed.

Haye’s ambition has never been in question. Taking on an accomplished, former world title challenger in only his 10th fight defined the phrase ‘calculated risk’. The gamble could have backfired, but at the same time, Haye’s refreshing approach to the noble art, appeals to even his fiercest critics. As it worked out, a mean and intensified Haye brought it all out on the night he needed to most, and shell-shocked the 39-year-old veteran of 50 contests in three one sided rounds. With the foot firmly on the throttle, there’s no going back.

“Hobson against Haye is the best fight out there for the British title.” Booth confessed. “Mark could choose to defend against the likes of Bruce Scott, Denzil Browne and Tony Dowling, but none of those fights will catch the imagination of the British public. Haye-Hobson has it all. An improving, experienced champion against an ambitious young prospect who is out to win everything going. It would be a great fight for the BBC.”

By pitting two professionals at the very top of their game, fireworks and intrigue are a natural. Hobson is exuding self-confidence and conviction at present, with various impressive title defences notched onto his ledger, while Haye is busily setting examples to cotton wool coated prospects throughout the globe, with his fuel charged NASCAR approach to the sport. The appeal of such a confrontation cannot be understated. With Hobson looking to carve a name of his own with his prestigious British and commonwealth titles, a money spinning defence against BBC cover boy Haye, would be just the tonic for a proficient 7-year career.

“Hobson looked impressive against Swaby, and showed a great deal of improvement from their first fight.” Booth acknowledged. “He’d obviously sussed out what Swaby can and can’t do, and just took him apart on the night. Mark, like David, is a thinking fighter, and once he’d realised that Swaby was a bit of a one trick pony, it was easy pickings. Myself and David noticed Swaby’s ‘trick’ a long time ago, and that’s why we were so confident going into the fight he had scheduled against Lee. Swaby gets his success by jerking his right shoulder, following it with a sharp left and then coming back with a quick right hand. That’s basically all he does, and once Hobson realised that, he ran out of ideas.”

Pinned up on Haye’s dartboard, positioned somewhere between Carl Thompson and Enzo Maccarinelli, is a location Hobson is being encouraged to make the most of by Haye and trainer/manager Booth. For Hobson is in the same boat as Haye in terms of British counterparts to tee off against. Evergreen puncher and IBO titlist Carl Thompson is serving the remainder of his six-month ban, and will in all likelihood defend his strap against a top ranked IBO contender. Of which, Hobson is not. And matches with Sports Network darlings Enzo Maccarinelli and Johnny Nelson are as likely as fly on the wall, reality TV shows providing means of valued education. So with avenues shortening, and an urge to reacquaint himself with the world stage he flirted with temporality against well ranked Sebastian Rothmann in April 2001, Hobson needs Haye just as much as the Londoner craves a British title round his waist.

“We just want testing fights.” Booth exasperated. “We’ve said it all along. David is ready for a British title fight now, and we are supremely confident that he has the beating of Mark Hobson should that fight be made. We know that it can be made, and we want to make it absolutely clear that we want this fight, and we want it to take place in September. If Mark Hobson obliges, we have a fight.”