Dale Brown to Cowboy Up in 2004


29.11.03 – World cruiserweight contender “Cowboy” Dale Brown is banking on his third shot against a world cruiserweight champion being the charm in 2004. Brown (30-3-1, 20 KOs), present NABF and Canadian cruiserweight champion, has lost only three of 34 pro fights, all to present or former world cruiserweight champions – present WBA and WBC title holders, Jean-Marc Mormeck (LTKO8, Aug. 2002) and cruiserweight Wayne Braithwaite (LTKO8, Feb. 2000), respectively, as well as former IBF cruiserweight title-holder Vasilly Jirov (LKO10, Sept. 1999).

His losses to Mormeck and Jirov were for their respected world titles, while his fight against Braithwaite was for the WBC International and NABF titles. Brown presently is rated No. 8 by the WBC and WBO, as well as No. 12 by the IBF and No. 14 by the WBA.

“I’ve had two title shots and I’m been working hard to get my third,” Brown said. “That’s why I do what I do. Unfortunately, all three of my losses have been to world champions. The first time I saw Braithwaite was when I stepped in the ring. He was nicknamed, ‘The Truck,’ and I assumed he’d be short and stocky. He’s not and probably has the most speed of any opponent I’ve fought. I had the wrong game plan for Mormeck. I started out boxing, but tried to slug it out with him, and that’s his game. I wasn’t disciplined enough. Jirov is the most powerful puncher I’ve ever faced.

“I’ve been really working hard with my team in Calgary to increase my power punching. I’m also adding a few pounds of muscle now that the cruiserweight limit is 200 pounds. My goal when I first started is the same today – I want to be world champion. I’m a much better two-handed puncher now and I’d love taking on any of the world champions.”

Brown bounced back from his loss to Mormeck with a second-round knockout of Kevin Petty (10-1-1) for the NABA crown and followed that with an impressive 10-round unanimous decision against the then No. 8 rated (WBC) Richie LaMontagne (28-4-1) in the ESPN2 Friday Night Fights main event over the Labor Day weekend.

“Dale’s had a couple of opportunities,” his promoter Jimmy Burchfield (Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc.) concluded, “but it didn’t happen. No more last minute fights for Dale Brown, though. It won’t happen now. He’s ready to fight anybody in the world. Watch out for Dale Brown in 2004. He’s going to ‘Cowboy Up,’ as they say on the rodeo circuit.”