New Featherweight Champion; Manny Pacquiao

16.11.03 – By Keith Terceira: Manny Pacquiao totally destroyed one of the top five pound for pound fighters in the world tonight. From round one to round eleven, the speed, power and stamina that Manny displayed was enormous. Right hand jabs followed by the straight left in rapid fire succession, over and over, again and again. It was as brutal as it was beautiful. This fight should have been conceded two rounds earlier by Barreras corner men. It was not a night that Marco was prepared for. He looked off his game from the start and it never got better.

The only bright spot in the bout for Marco Antonio Barrera was a first round slip by Manny that the referee rules as a knockdown. Basically it was a left foot- right foot entanglement plain and simple that the official was out of position on. Other than a few flurries in the sixth Marco was purely surviving.

Tonight a king is crowned in the Philippines. PacMan has upset the order of things in the division. This whirling dervish pounded Barrera relentlessly.

Could all the Media coverage over Barrera’s six year old surgery, or could Maldonado outing him in public about the plate in his head have upset his mind set. Was it the fire that forced him from training camp. Or did Marco take this new Asian Superstar for granted. With a rematch clause in place perhaps we will see the Marco of old next time. At this point there is no doubt that the PacMan is for real and surreal.

No explanation can cover such a difference in talent tonight. Marco had no answers for the offense of Pacquiao. Pacman has himself faced death threats as well as kidnapping threats to his family at home in Mindanao. He definitely fought like he needed to get home an hour ago.

There were some head butts tonight on both sides, a couple accidental, a couple out of frustration. There is no need to go round for round because they all were the same, that is how totally one sided it was. We should all learn to pronounce Mannys name right, its Pack-Key-OWWWWW

We did have a chance to again see for ourselves how a talented Tarver let his chance at immortality slip away in the last two rounds of the Jones fight. Again I scored it round 1, 2, 7,8, and 10 for Tarver 3,4,5,6,9,11, and 12 for Jones. This is the third straight fight that Judge Harris has been straight on with his scoring. Anyone out there looking for a fair man he should be considered.

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