Fight Night Shocker: Kalajdzic Ends Barrera with Spectacular Knockout

By Vladimir S - 03/14/2024 - Comments

Radivoje Kalajdzic silenced doubters and thrilled his fans with a brutal knockout.

Kalajdzic, hailing from Serbia and boasting a record now standing at 29-2 with 21 KOs, dismantled Barrera in the late stretches of the fight, catapulting him through the ropes in a dramatic finale of the 10th round. This victory keeps Kalajdzic’s hopes for a second world title challenge alive and kicking. Barrera, the Cuban pugilist now facing a trio of losses, must lick his wounds and chart a course back from this knockout setback, his second in a row.

The fight started slow, both fighters circling, throwing little, connecting less. The second round saw Kalajdzic’s jab cutting through the air, reaching Barrera with calculated precision. Counterpunches were traded, with Barrera landing a significant right, only to be met by Kalajdzic’s swift retaliation.

Barrera’s face bore the brunt of the battle early on, his right eye swelling shut by the third, where he landed a heavy blow only to be dropped by Kalajdzic’s counter. Barrera’s resilience saw him rise, but not without being shaken once more.

As the rounds wore on, Kalajdzic’s strategy unfolded – a steady assault with his jab, punctuated by powerful rights, leaving Barrera bleeding and battered. The audience, perhaps unswayed by the unfolding dominance, remained quiet, unknowing or unappreciative of the tide turning before them.

Kalajdzic, with calculated restraint, let the clock tick away, not rushing to escalate the fight. This tactic left the door ajar for Barrera, offering him fleeting whispers of hope. However, the narrative took a sharp turn in the 10th. Kalajdzic, like a storm, unleashed a tempest of blows, sending Barrera spiraling into the ropes, almost out of the ring. The referee, witnessing Barrera’s struggle to remain upright, called it at 2:31.

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