More Crazy Talk From Ryan Garcia: “I Might Bite Haney’s Ears. I’m Hungry!”

By James Slater - 03/14/2024 - Comments

Fans are well aware of the simply unhinged recent behaviour of Ryan Garcia, the crazy stuff having taken place ever since the press tour to hype the scheduled (but some people do have strong doubts the fight will actually go ahead as planned) April 20 fight with Devin Haney. Garcia appeared drunk, or high, or both, while “KingRy” then proceeded to upload some wild videos on social media.

Garcia has made some bizarre conspiracy claims, he has claimed “they” are out to get him, to steal his money and put him in jail. And most disturbing of all, a video appeared in which it was claimed Garcia had been killed, his “throat slit.”

Garcia is alive and well. At least he is alive. But there are very real concerns about the fighter’s mental health, and some experts have advised that the Haney fight should NOT happen. Garcia, however, insists he is ready to rumble, that he will be there on the night.

But earlier today, Garcia once again took to social media, this time informing us how he “might bite Haney’s ears” when the fight gets underway. Garcia referenced the infamous “Bite Fight” between Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

“I might bite Haney’s ears,” Garcia wrote. “Mike [Tyson] bit one ear. I’ma bite both. I’m hungry.”

Sticking with the Tyson analogy, Garcia then referenced the pre-fight brawl Tyson got into with Lennox Lewis, this seeing to it that a huge police presence was on-hand in the lead-up to the 2002 fight.

“Y’all thought Tyson needed police for the Lennox Lewis fight, you will need the army,” Garcia wrote. “I’ma attack Haney, it isn’t a fight to me. I don’t think I will stop hitting him if he’s down. I’m not even capping.”

Pretty unsportsmanlike behaviour from Garcia, even if it is only in the form of written words. What we can expect to see when the fight gets underway (again, if this one actually happens) is anyone’s guess. But what a big black eye for boxing it really would be if Garcia followed through with his threats of biting Haney and of hitting him while he’s down.

This is a big fight, on a big stage. We don’t need any additional car crash material putting this great sport of ours into a state of disrepute. Or is it way too late for that?

What do YOU think – will Haney-Garcia actually happen as scheduled on April 20th? And is Garcia fit to fight?