Kubrat Pulev secures a victory in a lackluster “fight” against Shevadzutskyi- Boxing Results

By Amy A Kaplan - 03/30/2024 - Comments

Oh, what a snoozefest we had on our hands this weekend, folks. If you missed it, consider yourself lucky. The boxing world was treated to a marathon of monotony, starting with Kubrat “The Cobra” Pulev’s so-called “workmanlike” decision victory over Ihor “The Hulk” Shevadzutskyi. Twelve rounds of what could best be described as a glorified sparring session, with Pulev doing just enough to not fall asleep on his feet and winning the WBA International belt. The highlight? The scores, all three judges apparently in a unanimous state of boredom, 117-111.

And Mahmoud Charr, oh, he dodged a bullet there, didn’t he? Opting out with an injury, he got a front-row seat to the yawn-inducing spectacle, arm in a cast, probably thanking his lucky stars he didn’t have to partake in the dullest fight of the year.

Moving on, Tervel Pulev, Kubrat’s brother, decided he didn’t want the fans to have too much excitement for one night, engaging in what can only be described as a clumsy brawl with Rolly Lambert Fogoum. An eight-round unanimous decision that felt more like an eternity, with scores that seemed as random as the punches thrown. Sloppy, messy, and utterly forgettable.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more underwhelming, Derrick Osaze and Joel Julio took to the ring. Osaze, in a merciful act, ended the fight in the third round with a body shot, putting Julio and everyone watching out of their misery. A KO that felt less like a climax and more like a curtain falling on a play nobody wanted to see.

In a night that promised so much, we got so little. A series of fights that seemed more like a test of the audience’s patience than a showcase of boxing talent. If you were looking for thrill-a-minute action, well, you’d have been better off watching paint dry. At least then, you’d have seen something change over time.

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