Would Canelo Have Beaten Andre Ward?

Even now, at age 37 and having been retired for almost four years, Andre Ward gets asked if he will fight again. Ward, a superb fighter who never lost a single fight at the pro level (and only one bout as an amateur), bowed out with a perfect, 32-0 (16) record, this in 2017 after scoring a stoppage win over Sergey Kovalev in their return fight.

Ward was at his absolute best at 168 pounds, where he defeated excellent fighters such as Carl Froch, Chad Dawson, Arthur Abraham, and Mikkel Kessler.

But would Ward have beaten the current pound-for-pound king, unified super-middleweight champion (all the belts bar one) Canelo Alvarez?

This would have been a simply fascinating match-up and a good case can be made for either guy winning. Would Canelo have proven too physically strong for Ward? Would Ward have been too clever and too hard to hit cleanly for the Mexican star?

Ace trainer Virgil Hunter, who served as Ward’s trainer for many of his big fights, spoke with Sky Sports and Hunter said Canelo “would have to become a completely different fighter” in a battle with Ward.

“I don’t like to say who would win. But a lot of the things that Canelo does, he wouldn’t be able to do to Dre,” Hunter said. “The things he’s able to do? He would not be able to do it to Dre.

“He would have to become a completely different fighter. Whoever adapted mentally, whoever adjusted over the course of a fight, whoever was in tune to the other’s rhythm would have the greater chance of winning.

“Once he retired, I knew he would stay retired. We discussed early in his career that he would go out on top. He is a Hall of Famer. Let’s leave it at that. Nobody can talk about a loss.”

Canelo as we know has only been beaten by Floyd Mayweather, and Canelo puts that loss down to inexperience on his part. At his best, as in where he is right now, Canelo may well have been able to give Mayweather a far different fight. We will never know.

In terms of a fight with Ward, Canelo has a more pleasing style as far as the scoring judges are concerned, and maybe his aggression, his eye-catching punches, would have been the difference in a fight with Ward.

No way Canelo knocks Ward out, though. For me, Canelo would have won a close, possibly debatable decision over Ward. Agree or disagree?

7 thoughts on “Would Canelo Have Beaten Andre Ward?”

  1. Alvarez have not figth. Any body with talent after ggg it doesn’t make sense to wash he’s fight also if he doesn’t get tko you lose because the scoring card are in he’s favor. He scare to fight a talented fighter. I never wash he’s fight its a ripped off

  2. Rather see Saul Alvarez vs Andre Ward than him vs Caleb Plant or the Charlo bums.

  3. With his experience, can go rounds without showing fatigue, Andre Ward I believe with his knowledge of the ring and assessing his opponents is clearly the better fighter.
    He fought better opposition and not ducking away from these guys.
    There’s nothing wrong with a fighter been his own promoter but also it leaves the fighter to chose who he wants to fight and I think Canelo who’s an excellent fighter is not willing to fight the best and that can also show weakness

  4. This is what’s wrong with boxing it’s always imagine this match up like calzagie vs mayweather or ward vs canelo or Spence vs Crawford and than they each talk about each other but when it comes down to it each one fights no name people and if we’re lucky they fight after they lose a few or past their primes like manny and mayweather type ish. So that’s all boxing in a nutshell anymore. Everyone wants a belt the easiest way possible than they wanna fight bum mandatory’s and hide behind that. Look at Charlo twins. Both mad fights and none vs elites. Both belts for years. Until the politics and the way boxing is ran now we’re keep having ducking so called champions. Everyone’s a champion lol

  5. Theres no way ward beats canelo… not even in his prime, look at the way Ward fights… Canelo would have punished him… with body shots then later on to the head… you must be smoking if you think Ward has a chance of beating Canelo.. Gtfoh… another thing that puzzles me, how are you a HALL OF FAMER WITH 32 FIGHTS?????

    • Ain’t no way Canelo beats prime Dre , did you see how poor he looked against a lowly BJ. Dude was huffing and puffing through the 4th round dawg. His conditioning issa problem , he don’t throw 3+ punch comb , he’s footwork is ok and he’s a good defender. Dre would be too slick , equally big and would stick him all day.

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