Wilder Says He’ll Re-Open The Cut Wallin Opened On Tyson Fury: “I’m Going To Pop It Right Back Open”

Deontay Wilder is always hungry for a KO each and every time he fights, and now he wants a knockout and blood. Looking forward to his signed return battle with Tyson Fury, the reigning WBC heavyweight champ says he is definitely going to re-open the nasty cut (or cuts) Otto Wallin inflicted on Fury, around his eye, this past Saturday night.

Speaking with ThaBoxingVoice, unbeaten monster puncher Wilder said that it is not his fault if Fury is not ready to fight on February 22 of next year as scheduled. “He better be ready,” Wilder said. And if he is, “The Bronze Bomber” has vowed he will inflict further damage on Fury’s face.

“That’s the worst cut since the [Vitali] Klitschko-Lennox Lewis fight,” Wilder said of Fury’s deep wound. “That’s the worst cut I’ve seen in my life. I can’t wait. I hope they heal well, and I can’t wait to see Mr. Fury. That’s not my problem if he’s ready or not. He signed the contract. That’s his problem. He better be ready. No matter what he does, when he fights me, it is going to open right back up. He can get plastic surgery, duck tape or staples, Super Glu or Hot Glu, Cement Glu. Shit, he can go and get some of that Flex Glu. It ain’t going to matter.”

At this stage we can only guess when it comes to will the rematch take place on schedule or not? If it does, Fury had better hope he was in the best of hands in getting his cuts treated. It would be a real shame if Wilder-Fury II was decided by a cut, with Wilder winning on a TKO. But boxing being the brutal sport it is, Wilder is of course going to target the area where Fury was so badly cut. Who knows if Fury will be left with a considerable amount of scar tissue or not.

One thing that can be agreed on is this: Fury, if he does get cut as badly against Wilder as he did against the far less lethal Wallin, he will be in a heap of trouble. In the interest of a fair fight, let’s hope Fury does heal properly and that he will be good and ready to box in February.