Why Mayweather should fight Amir Khan in London

By Shaun Ramirez - 09/18/2013 - Comments

Floyd Mayweather Jr, widely regarded as the best fighter in the world, added another notch to his perfect record by winning a majority decision against Mexican superstar Saul “Canelo” Alvarez at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In the days that have passed since the fight the boxing public has turned back to a question frequently asked after Mayweather fights “now what?” Floyd Mayweather just faced a fighter thought of as the toughest test available for him and is now staring into a group devoid of truly elite names but filled with many good ones that will not however capture the attention of the general public.

One of those fighters is British star Amir Khan, who has been openly campaigning for a match with Mayweather, and if Floyd was smart he would take that fight and make in on Khan’s home soil of London England.

Great fighters of past generations have taken their show on the road and fought fighters oversees on their home turf. Fighters like the man Floyd most resembles Muhammad Ali, who fought in England multiple times, Sugar Ray Robinson and other greats have all left the shores of the United States for a match. A fight in London represents what could be the final frontier for Floyd; a match where he can use his unique brand of showmanship directly on a new market and on new media and fans that otherwise would never get to witness a hype machine of his force. Also, it represents a chance for Floyd to make his mark on a proud boxing nation by taking out the best they have in his weight division. A Mayweather- Khan would be for the UK what a mayweather- Alvarez was for the U.S. and possibly then some considering how great the fight community is in the UK.

Furthermore what an Amir Khan fight in London also offers Mayweather is a well deserved break. No offense Khan but, we have seen what he is in a KO loss to Danny Garcia and a shaky decision win against faded Julio Diaz. Mayweather would be the larger fighter and the more skilled fighter allowing him more leeway to be busier and not have to be as defensive.

Mayweather would walk into a packed arena or soccer stadium in London and walk out possibly a knockout victor or at least a wide points winner and be able to come back to the states ready for a tougher test like a Danny Garcia.
Floyd should jump at the chance to fight Khan in London and cement his place as a worldwide sensation and an all time great all while showing his ability off in person to some of the better fight fans in the world.

Quite simply this fight gives Mayweather a chance to keep the insane level of buzz he has going in way that no fight made in the states can produce. After the hype of that Alvarez fight everyone needs a chance to regroup and there would be no way for Floyd to build the usual clamoring for a Mayweather fight as the market is just burned out for a while

Shaun Ramirez @supershauntendo