Ronald Gavril talks boxing, ‘TMT’ and Floyd Mayweather

By Boxing Roundup - 09/18/2013 - Comments

@boxingroundup –  Firstly Ronald let me congratulate you on Saturday night’s victory. Tell me how did it feel to have the first 8 round bout of your career?

Thank you! It felt great, I needed to see how I perform in a lengthy, physical fight with a more experienced opponent.

Fighting Shujaa El Amin was a bit of a step up in the calibre of your opposition considering he has shared the ring with Periban and Stevenson amongst others. Was this a learning fight for you and what experience can you take away from this victory?

I knew coming into the fight that he would bring more than other opponents. He surprised me being more durable than I thought, he could take a punch and he knew how to hold and run.  Yes, it was a very good learning experience. I needed those rounds.

How did it feel to fight on a Floyd Mayweather undercard again and how do you stay focussed amidst all the distractions of a hectic fight week in Las Vegas?

Amazing atmosphere the whole week of pre-fights events. Very proud and honoured to be a part of the biggest show in boxing. I’m very grateful to Floyd Mayweather, my promoter, and Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions for giving me this opportunity. I participate in all activities but I am concentrating on my fight mainly and don’t let anything get to me.  It’s all business and winning my fight!

 It was a bit of a mixed weekend for ‘The Money Team’ fighters with Badou Jack drawing with Periban, Theophane losing to Cano and Smith surrendering his IBF crown on home soil. Did that cast a bit of a shadow over what was otherwise an historic weekend for boxing?  

Most people including myself thought Badou Jack won his fight and both Ashley and Ishe lost by split decisions so it could have gone either way. I only saw highlights of their fights. ’The Money Team’ is strong and will bounce back with victories.

 The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the dominating performance Floyd put on against Canelo. How much motivation do you get from watching him?

It was boxing at its best by Floyd, he schooled Canelo and proved again he is ‘The One’. Personally, watching him fight and train is my number one way to stay motivated  and  focused on my career .

What does the last quarter of 2013 hold in store for Ronald Gavril? Do you hope to squeeze in another fight this year?

For now, I am taking a break from training, I have been in the gym for 10 months and I had 4 fights since May. I will be back in a few weeks and see what Mayweather Promotions and my management have planned for me. I hope to have at least one more fight this year.  

 Floyd has hinted that he may bring Mayweather Promotions to the UK for a show. Do you see this happening and will you be eager to make your European debut if it does?

I heard about that and I will be thrilled to be part of such an event in the UK.

Thanks for taking time out to answer our questions. We look forward to the next chapter in your story.
Thank you for the interest in my career. Big shout out to my fans worldwide and keep an eye out for me!