What Next For Luis Ortiz?

11/25/2019 - By James Slater - Comments

Plenty of fine heavyweights throughout history were unable to get over the hump against one guy and one guy only. Many excellent fighters lost to the same guy twice, but still went on to take care of business against many a good fighter; some of them even bouncing back from a couple losses to win a world title. Which brings us to Luis Ortiz. Twice beaten, by the same fighter – and a quite lethal-punching fighter at that in Deontay Wilder – Ortiz could surely carry on and either beat almost everyone else he faces or at least give them absolute hell.

Solid gatekeeper might not be the role Ortiz relishes taking on, but he sure fits the bill. Beat Ortiz, and, yeah, you’re world title material. Lose to him, as many good heavies would in my opinion, and it’s back to earning your shot. Ortiz may or may not choose to fight on after suffering a second heartbreak against Wilder. For those of us who appreciate the Cuban’s skills, his bravery and his pretty cool, down to earth personality, the hope is he will fight on.

Yes, Ortiz, who calls himself “King Kong,” might have been born at or around the time the original flick of the same name was released (1933, you cinema buffs already know) but he is one fine fighter; and one ultra-experienced fighter. Ortiz might yet wear a world title, at least a version of the heavyweight crown, but you won’t find too many big name fighters who have a promising career to attend to that are willing to give Ortiz a chance. As Wilder has said many times, no-one but he himself wants to (or wanted to) give Ortiz the opportunity.

But if Ortiz does keep on fighting, if he doesn’t decide to call it quits after twice coming pretty close indeed to defeating Wilder, there could, potentially, be some great fights out there for him. Again, beat Ortiz and a fighter has earned a shot. I’d still like to see the following fights, as unrealistic as they most likely are, take place over the coming months:

Ortiz-Dillian Whyte. Ortiz-Adam Kownacki. Ortiz-Joe Joyce. Ortiz-Daniel Dubois. Ortiz-Filip Hrgovic.

How about you, and do you still want to see Ortiz fight?