What Next For Canelo If He Beats Plant And Makes Good On His Goal Of Becoming Unified Champ At 168?

Canelo Alvarez is already the biggest star in the sport shy of the heavyweights, or maybe he isn’t so shy of the big men at all. There is no doubting Canelo’s Box-Office power, his enormous popularity, or his overall ability as an elite fighter. At age 31, Canelo has done plenty. The immediate next goal for the flame-haired warrior is to become (the first ever) undisputed super-middleweight champion.

All that stands in his way as far as that goes is Caleb Plant and his IBF belt. No disrespect to the unbeaten Plant – a smart boxer who seems just about unshakable in his utter belief that he will defeat Canelo in their November clash – but most everyone feels Canelo will do way with “Sweet Hands” in a similar manner to the way he did away with the equally slick and determined Billy Joe Saunders.

Canelo may or may not get the KO or stoppage in November, but Plant is, in the opinion of most experts/fans/pundits, going down. The question is, what then for Canelo? Should he beat Plant and be the holder of all four major belts at 168 pounds, will Canelo opt to stick around at the weight, or might he go back up to light-heavyweight in the hunt for further title glory? Or might Canelo even try his hand up at cruiserweight? This has been spoken of as a possibility; with some people, perhaps more prone to thinking in a far-fetched manner than the majority, even going as far as to say Canelo could go up to heavyweight!

If Canelo beats Plant and ticks that particular box, the only real fight left for him at 168 would be that third fight with Gennady Golovkin (remember him?). The two bitter rivals gave us two special fights at middleweight, but the final fight, if it happens, will be at super-middle. There really is nothing else worth staying at 168 for if you are a Canelo who has unified, you could say cleaned up, the weight division.

168 might be a stretch too far for the aging, naturally smaller GGG, but where else is he going to get such a massive payday? Does Canelo KO Golovkin if these two do meet again at 168?

Or maybe Canelo should be looking to cement his greatness with big, significant wins at 175? That win over Sergey Kovalev looks nice on Canelo’s resume; imagine what wins over Artur Beterbiev and/or Dmitry Bivol would look like (not forgetting Gilberto Ramirez, a man who really wants a shot at Canelo). Basically, it will be all up to Canelo if he beats Plant, as in as far as what he does next. Canelo calls the shots as it is. As the first-ever undisputed super-middleweight champion, Canelo will be able to call even more shots.

Is it possible Canelo, 56-1-2(38) never loses again before he finally retires?

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  1. Great fights and keep fighting the best is what I think Canelo will do unless he retires and golf’s. There’s still alot of good fighters out there and I think Canelo should give them a shot and help them become great like him. Just hope he doesn’t retire.

  2. Let’s stop all the nonsense jealous will get you no where Canela is our Mohamed Ali of our time while all boxers are crying about there worth and no payday coming there way in a big fashion there is the goat Canelo Alvarez Big Pay with his fights why because he is the pound for pound best in the world he set a goal and look at him now with his family of trainers that’s right family they have made him a superstar and he is worth every penny also he is the at 154-160-168-175-185 and will be the best at heavyweight Division and clean all that nonsense up to The furies the weilders the Joshua and all comers if Cheops and eddy Renoso let him loose he will take care of buisense imagine that all you canelo haters and crying for Pay Day from Mr Canelo Alvarez God bless him.

  3. Canela is the greatest at 154-160-168-175 will be at 175 then he will be great at cruserweight then to clean everything up at heveweight because there is nothing out there in the boxing world he is this era Mohamed Ali remember Rocky Marciano Was 5”-9 as a heiveweight at only 186 lbs Canela has a great team and they are family Canela could stop fighting now and he and his team are set for life he done good investments the world will truly miss him when he Retires God bless Canela and all with him they have done a great job I have been watching Canela since he was fighting in Mexico and at the age of 14 yrs old he knocked out a 30 yr old man in the ring to start his great carear in boxing god bless Canela he should be Praised highly. Noel

  4. Folks, yes Canelo is simply
    The best! Others may jump and yell, but the facts are that Canelo has given
    due attention to real players in his respective weight divisions. I say
    his fight after Plant is common
    sensically GGG!

  5. Charlo couldn’t knock out an Uber driver with no kind of resume. Charlo brothers have been exposed and all they got is a loud mouth. As far as Benavidez that boy can’t keep his nose clean much less make weight.

  6. What about fighting Jermall Charlo? Canelo hasn’t really fought all of the stiff competition at 168 lbs.

    • Are you kidding. CHARLO was cornered by Jacobs someone canelo already beat. And Charlo and his crew were spooked infront of the cameras, get out of here with that nonsense.

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