WATCH: Fury & Charr get into altercation in Cologne

Manuel Charr wants a big fight. Perhaps any big fight. Today, in Cologne, Germany, at the fitness expo FIBO, “Diamond Boy” Charr had his game face firmly on as he sought out Tyson Fury. Fury was all smiles, offering his hand to the more serious looking Charr, but soon enough the duo had to be separated.

Charr, who has seen big fights fall through in the past (he was, like Fury, supposed to land a lucrative fight with David Haye a few years back) referred to Fury as a “mad man,” in a clear attempt to rile the out of shape, today easy going former world champ. There was a shove, security dived in, and the two fighters went their separate ways.

Right now, internet sites and publications are trying to build up the brief fracas and suggest a genuine grudge-match exists between Fury and Charr. Fury did say that he would “100 percent” fight Charr, “when I’m back,” but Fury’s physical appearance suggests it will be a number of months before he is ready to fight anyone. Fury recently wrote on social media how he planned to be back in action in May, but the giant has since backtracked on that, telling Box Nation on Friday how he is “not back in the gym.”

Looking at footage of the Charr incident, it’s easy to see that Fury has not been working out. Still, Charr is hoping the big fight will come his way.

“Hey, Tyson, you said you want to box again, here I am, I am number 6 in the WBA ranking, you can fight me,” Charr said, in reaching up to try and look Fury in the face.

“I want to fight you, Diamond Boy, whenever you want, though you’re too small for me,” Fury responded.

And Fury isn’t kidding! Out of shape he may be, but Fury absolutely dwarfed Charr today. If he ever did shed the excess 50 or 60 pounds he appears to be carrying today, Fury would likely get heavily criticised if he chose Charr as his comeback foe. This doesn’t mean that it won’t happen, and Charr clearly hopes the match-up will come off.

But these days, Fury seems to be merely enjoying himself; not looking for a fight.