Vasyl Lomachenko Says “Biased Judges” Were Against Him In Teofimo Lopez Fight

Vasyl Lomachenko has come out with a quite astonishing claim that the judges who scored his losing fight with Teofimo Lopez in October were “biased against myself.” Speaking on the LOMUS Official YouTube channel, the former lightweight king stated that he won the fight.

Then, Loma accused the judges of not being honest; even suggesting they had been bribed to score the fight the way they did.

“I didn’t lose the fight,” Lomachenko said of the Lopez fight that saw him lose a unanimous decision. “I watched it around five times. I took the second round, he took the first, third, fourth and fifth.

The sixth remains questionable. However, his win reflects bias against myself. If we counted scores strictly by the book, the scorecard would be different. I took one round from the first half of the fight and five rounds from the second half – from round seven to round 11.

We’ve got six each, which is a draw. And if we use the unspoken rule of boxing, we look for rounds ten to twelve (the championship rounds), I won two of them. It’s two to one.

Vasyl Lomachenko Says “Biased Judges” Were Against Him In Teofimo Lopez Fight

“Even if I won three rounds in the first half of the fight, I wouldn’t win the fight for the scorecards. What does it say? It’s not about bias, it’s about being bribed.

“There was nothing about honest judging. I don’t know whose game it was. I do think it was somebody’s game.”

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Truly astonishing stuff. Deontay Wilder is not the only big-name former champion who has been unable to accept a defeat here in 2020.

Loma, though, was thought to be a better sportsman that he has come across as being here. The words “sore loser” spring to mind.

Why the judges would accept bribes to score against him is something only Lomachenko can tell you.

In truth, Loma was a terribly slow starter in the fight, with him giving too many rounds away. And then, Lopez closed the show like a champion, pushing hard to take the 12th and final round.

When he hears what Lomachenko has been saying (Loma being a guy Lopez said he never liked even before the fight and the current accusations) he may be even less inclined to grant Loma a rematch than he already was.

Vasyl Lomachenko Says “Biased Judges” Were Against Him In Teofimo Lopez Fight

Lomachenko was beaten fair and square in a close fight. When you’re so used to winning, as Lomachenko was, it sure must be hard to accept defeat.

Now what happens though. Will any of the three official judges look to take legal action against Lomachenko due him suggesting they had been bribed before the fight?