Usyk “Not Ruling Out Freak Fight” With Canelo

08/11/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Oleksandr Usyk, who is looking absolutely huge ahead of his fast-approaching return fight with Anthony Joshua, has been asked what he plans to do after the rematch in Saudi Arabia is history providing he gets the win. Speaking with Parimatch, the Ukrainian southpaw spoke about a fight with Tyson Fury, as well as one with Canelo Alvarez.

The Fury fight is a no-brainer – if Usyk keeps all three of his heavyweight titles in the Joshua return, a fight between he and WBC heavyweight boss Fury would be all-but demanded by fights fans everywhere. As for a Canelo fight, this was first mentioned as something of a possibility when Canelo was reportedly eyeing a move up to cruiserweight. A catch-weight fight with Usyk was not totally out of the question for the Mexican superstar. And maybe it still is not totally out of the realms.

But naturally, the unification showdown with Fury is Usyk’s main priority.

“Yes, when the rematch is over, I think Tyson Fury won’t want to miss an opportunity to unite all of the belts. I think it is possible. God granted that it will be so,” Usyk said. “To fight Canelo Alvarez, I would have to lose 12 kg. It will be a freak fight. I think firstly I need to do what I have in mind in the heavyweight division, and then maybe arrange such a fight. But the fight with Canelo Alvarez potentially involves big money, so I’m not ruling out the possibility that it will happen.”

It would be a real stunner if Usyk did fight Canelo. The thought when such a match-up was first ever mentioned was that, as Usyk is a “small” heavyweight, then maybe Canelo, in a real attempt to achieve greatness, could maybe, possibly, just about tackle the former undisputed cruiserweight king and maybe, possibly have a shot at winning. But look at Usyk now, and ask yourself, is he a “small” heavyweight today? Usyk does look to have added some serious muscle to his frame, this a result of his simply brutal training regime, and we could see a totally different fighter on August 20th.

And Fury (despite what he may say to the contrary) and Canelo will be watching Usyk-Joshua II. It could be that Usyk, as special as he has looked, has not yet peaked as a fighter.