‘Undisputed: An Evening With Lennox Lewis’ promises to be a real knockout for fans

Former heavyweight king Mike Tyson has his Undisputed Truth one-man show, a show that has been a big hit in Las Vegas and in New York, and now another former heavyweight ruler is set to follow suit – with Lennox Lewis to host a show called simply Undisputed. Unlike Tyson, Lewis will not take his show on the road, with just a one-night evening of “heavyweight talk” set for London’s O2 on September 6 (if the evening proves to be a smash-hit, however, Lewis may well host more shows in the future).

During the evening, Lewis says, he will talk about all his big fights, fights he fought during a time when heavyweight boxing was “great, really great,” and he will open up about things and make revelations he has never made before. Of the big fights Lewis listed as those he will talk about when speaking about his upcoming show, Lewis listed the harder than expected battle with Frank Bruno, his two encounters with Evander Holyfield, his thrashing of the aforementioned Tyson and, Lewis said intriguingly when speaking with Steve Bunce, “even Vitali Klitschko.”

What secrets of these fights might Lennox share with us? What has the last undisputed heavyweight champion of the world not already spoken of with regards to these fights? It should prove to be a fascinating night in London and for those fans who can afford to attend along with the boxing royalty that is sure to be in attendance, it could prove to be very special indeed. Lewis is of course universally recognised and revered as a true great, a modern day heavyweight legend. Lucky enough to have had some great ring rivals against which to show his greatness, Lewis compiled a truly stunning resume: Klitschko, Tyson, Holyfield, Ray Mercer, Razor Ruddock, David Tua, Tony Tucker, Shannon Briggs, Bruno, Tommy Morrison….and the list goes on. In fact, do you agree with me when I say that each of the above listed fighters conquered by Lewis would have an excellent chance of ruling the world if they were fighting whilst in their prime today?

Lewis, often criticised for one thing and one thing only – his failure (or smart decision) to never grant Vitali Klitschko a rematch – may well talk at length on this subject on the evening of September 6. From his otherwise spotless pro record (just two losses, both wiped clean by way of brutally avenging stoppage victory; one of his victims literally reduced to tears in the ring) the Klitschko fight and its unsatisfactory ending is the only thing the harsh critics can point a finger at and complain.

Just why did Lennox decide not to go ahead with the rematch he had verbally promised Vitali in the ring that night in June of 2003? This, and many other things, could be tantalisingly close to being revealed on September 6.