Tyson Fury’s latest Tweet sure to cause speculation: Fury says we will never guess who his next fight will be against!

Reigning heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is no stranger to Twitter, with the unbeaten giant often writing outlandish and sometimes humorous messages on his official Twitter page. But today’s announcement of sorts from Fury is sure to cause speculation and probably plenty of debate.

Fury, who claims he has huge news that he will share soon, took to Twitter two hours ago to write the following:

“Some massive news coming soon, had to come to London for an urgent meeting about a massive fight, TBA very soon, u will not believe who!!!!!!”

So, will Fury not be facing ex-champion Wladimir Klitschko next, in a contracted rematch of the November fight that saw the vocal Brit take the world crowns? Reading the above Tweet, it would appear not. Maybe there has been some agreement reached, whereby Klitschko is allowing Fury to have a first defence before taking the return with him? Or maybe Fury, as he has done before, is simply messing with our heads – something his trainer and uncle, Peter, said at the Bolton Homecoming press conference his nephew is want to do.

But if the Tweet is not a wind up, and if it is not to be Wladimir next, then just who could this unbelievable next opponent be?

Speculation, anyone? Could it be Wladimir’s big brother, Vitali, returning for a shot at restoring pride to the family name?

Could another former king, Lennox Lewis, who has often been verbally abused by Fury, be about to stun us all with a return to action at age 50?

Could “The Real Deal” himself, Evander Holyfield be on the verge of a shocking return?

Really, with the big words Fury has used in his Tweet, it really could be anyone he is about to fight. And with the boldness of the Tweet, it will be a big disappointment if it’s someone like a Charles Martin (the IBF heavyweight champ of course) or a Shannon Briggs (who has been calling just about everyone out as of late) that he has agreed to fight next.

It surely cannot be David Haye, as Fury has made clear he has absolutely NO intention of ever agreeing to fight his fellow Brit again after twice being let down due to enforced pullouts by “The Hayemaker.”

And if Fury’s unbelievably big-news next opponent is actually Wladimir, then why, as big as the rematch will be, should we be shocked by this, a contracted return fight?

Fury really has got us scratching our heads over this one!