Tyson Fury tips-in at a heavy 274-pounds for clash with Joey Abell!

The weights are in for tomorrow’s heavyweight doubleheader in London, and the biggest shock/newsworthy item is the poundage Tyson Fury came in at.

Fury tipped-in at 274-pounds, some twenty pounds heavier than for his last fight, while his opponent Joey Abell came in at 241-pounds. Fury did not remove his shirt while weighing in.

In the chief support, Dereck Chisora, who has battled weight problems himself in the past, came in at a solid 238-pounds. His rival, Kevin Johnson, who is aiming to score the upset and ruin plans for a Chisora-Fury rematch in the summer, tipped-in at 240-pounds.

So, the Fury fight will attract most headlines and unbeaten Tyson’s weight has already done so. For those fans who like to bet on the underdog, maybe Abell is a fighter worth betting on.

Not only will Fury be ring-rusty tomorrow (most likely anyway, what with his ten months of enforced inactivity), he will also be carrying some excess weight. Of course, Fury is a big man and 274 is not a disgraceful weight for him, and chances are tomorrow’s fight doesn’t last too long anyway. But Abell can punch and who knows, maybe he will catch a slow starting, less than sharp, unfocused Fury?

Chisora says he wants to become the first man to stop “King Pin,” look instead for Chisora to have to make do with a wide points win.