Tyson Fury Sure He Will Beat Anthony Joshua – Twice

By James Slater - 03/10/2024 - Comments

Could we see Tyson Fury fight Oleksandr Usyk twice? Could we also see Fury, if he’s victorious over Usyk, then fight Anthony Joshua twice? Fury, who we all know has a heck of a lot to say, always, spoke after witnessing up close Joshua’s crushing of the man he himself could not crush, this of course being Francis Ngannou.

Fury, speaking with the media after the “Knockout Chaos” card, said “styles make fights,” with the reigning WBC heavyweight champion insistent that his style will take down AJ. And Usyk. Fury says he wants two fights with each man, and that four wins would see him off into a contented, done-it-all retirement.

“Boxing is a very difficult game, it’s changing all the time,” Fury began. “Styles make fights and his style [AJ] is made for me. When I’ve got through with ‘The Rabbit’ (Usyk), then we go down for AJ. That’s the fight of Britain. Hopefully we do one fight in Saudi Arabia, and one fight at Wembley for a showdown forever, a closing off, a signing out for the ‘GK.’ Undisputed and done AJ, game over. Time to spend time with me wife and family after that.”

Of course, saying something is a heck of a lot easier than actually doing it. Will Fury defeat Usyk once, let alone twice (the two having that rematch clause)? Heck, some fans still remain sceptical when it comes to whether or not Fury will even fight Usyk on the new date of May 18 (that ‘cut-gate’ episode still fresh in the memory).

But in an ideal world, Fury and Usyk WILL fight (just once would be enough, unless the first fight is so great, or so controversial it necessitates a part-two), and the winner will then fight Joshua. And just like that, boom, the word would have a unified, four-belt heavyweight king.

But seldom do things work out so ideally, not in boxing, anyway.

For now, as we wait and see what the triumphant, “back to his best” (this the praise AJ has been getting in many quarters) Joshua does as he waits for the Fury-Usyk winner, we also sit in anticipation of the first Fury-Usyk battle set for May.

Which of these three heavyweights will emerge as THE man when all the smoke settles – Fury, Usyk, or Joshua?

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