Tyson Fury Says He’s Pleased As Punch There Are No British Judges Working Saturday’s Rematch With Wilder

By James Slater - 02/19/2020 - Comments

One might be excused for thinking that, when three American scoring judges are assigned to work a fight between an American fighter and a British fighter, the situation is unfair to the British fighter. But Tyson Fury, upon learning how there will be three U.S judges scoring this Saturday’s massive return fight between he and Deontay Wilder, made it clear he is more than happy.

Speaking with The Evening Standard, Fury said he is very pleased no British judges will be working the fight, as “it was the British judge who went against me last time.” Fury was referring to British judge Phil Edwards, who scored the first Fury-Wilder fight 113-113. Fury was fuming at the time, insisting to this day that he deserved the win back on December 1st 2018.

But as pleased as Fury is with the assignment of three American judges, he says their services will not really be needed, as he is going to score a definitive KO over Wilder in Las Vegas.

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“No British judges? Fantastic,” Fury said. “It was the British judge who went against me last time, hence why I’ve not got a British judge this time. I’m happy and will be happy with the judges. They all do a fantastic job. But I’m not going to need those judges anyway. I’m not leaving anything in their hands. I’ve been knocking my sparring partners out cold so I’m definitely feeling more powerful. I will win by a second round knockout.”

Not too many fans seem to buy the whole second-round KO prediction, but we may well see a more aggressive Fury compared to the first fight with Wilder. Or then again maybe Fury will box, box, box and look to frustrate Wilder at every given opportunity. Who knows with Fury? But if the fight does go all 12 rounds, will Fury get a fair shake from the judges? We can do without a second controversial decision.

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Whoever wins, let’s hope he does so in a comprehensive and clear-cut manner. If not, we will be seeing a third fight between Fury and Wilder.