Tyson Fury On Ngannou Rematch: “This Time, I’ll Tie One Arm Behind My Back And Punch His Head Off!”

By James Slater - 03/06/2024 - Comments

Tyson Fury is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on business, with Fury also on hand to show support to fledgling pro fighter Roman Fury, and his good friend Joseph Parker (who of course faces Zhilei Zhang on Friday’s massive “Knockout Chaos” card). And Fury, no stranger to a camera or to a microphone, has been making good use of both since touching down in Riyadh.

Speaking today, ahead of the final presser to hype Friday’s event, Fury spoke about the bad night he had when he fought Francis Ngannou back in October, and what he feels will happen if he fights Ngannou a second time. Fury, who says he is expecting a good fight from Anthony Joshua and Ngannou, pointed out how “tough” Ngannou is – the reigning WBC heavyweight champion saying today how he hit Ngannou with numerous shots in the face, along with an elbow, “and he didn’t go over.”

Fury, though, said he cannot fully gauge how good Ngannou is as a boxer because he himself was so bad when the two fought. But it will be a whole lot different in a rematch, Fury declared.

“I didn’t have a good night, I had a lot of problems – but I’m not here to make excuses. I never have been and I never will. You haven’t heard me say one excuse, have you?” Fury began on the subject of his tough night with Ngannou. “But I had problems in the fight. I don’t need to go into it, it was what it was. But I can’t really gauge how good or bad he was, because if how poor I was. Regardless of my performance or his performance, what I do know about Ngannou is, he’s a tough son of a gun. So, I think we’re in for a treat. ‘Knockout Chaos,’ it’s named, so let’s hope we get some knockout chaos.

“That’s what I’m here for, the winner of these two (AJ and Ngannou) will get a shot at the world title from me after I beat Usyk twice this year. I guaranteed, when we fight again, I’ll tie one arm behind my back and punch his head off. I don’t need the best night in the world, I just don’t need a terrible night.”

First up, before Fury can get the chance to put on a far better performance against the former UFC heavyweight king, Joshua has to see how he gets on with Ngannou in what will be Ngannou’s second pro boxing match. As interesting as a Fury-Ngannou II would be, so too would be a Joshua-Fury fight. And if Fury does beat Usyk (twice as he said today, the rematch clause in place, “because he’s a little b***c, crying for his rematch,” Fury said of Usyk) and if AJ beats Ngannou, we may finally get the so-called Battle of Britain; the biggest heavyweight title fight featuring two British fighters by far.

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But this is heavyweight boxing and it’s never wise looking too far ahead. Ngannou could wipe out Joshua, Usyk could outbox and defeat Fury. Or Joshua could wipe out Ngannou, and Fury could wipe out Usyk. We just don’t know. It’s a very interesting time for the heavyweights, and it’s an exciting time for we fans.

In terms of who wins on Friday, Fury says either guy can win.

“They’re both big, strong guys, and anyone can win it,” Fury said. “They’re both big punchers, they’re both not very hard to hit, so they both can land and do damage. I’d like to back the former world heavyweight champion, but then again, who the f*** am I to say anything! If Francis wins, it sets up a massive rematch for me and Francis. But if AJ wins, it sets up a big British fight for me and him. So, for me, I’ve got no money on either side, so whoever wins, it’s a bonus because it’s a massive fight either way. Providing I get through Usyk twice.”

“Providing” Fury gets through Usyk twice? Indeed, Fury, despite his at times amusing bluster, knows full well how tough a task the skilled Ukrainian is waiting to give him.

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