Fury Drops Deontay Wilder Teaser: “It’s Coming Soon, A Massive Fight With Wilder Involved”

By James Slater - 03/06/2024 - Comments

Will Deontay Wilder fight again? We haven’t seen or heard too much from Wilder since his shocking defeat (and his shockingly bad performance) against Joseph Parker. The former WBC heavyweight champ did sort of use the excuse of his having to do so much travelling ahead of the Parker fight in December, this, Wilder said, draining him. But that aside, nothing much at all.

At age 38, with so much money in the bank, Wilder may have actually fought his last fight. But maybe not. Tyson Fury, who has been busy doing interviews since arriving in Riyadh – with Fury also engaging in a brief spat with Francis Ngannou during today’s final press conference for the “Knockout Chaos” card (Ngannou, smiling, saying to Fury he will “wipe the ring with your a***” if he fights Fury a second time) – spoke about Wilder.

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Speaking with gathered media members, as filmed by Fight Hub, Fury dropped a big teaser.

“I think he can come back, sure,” Fury said when asked his opinion of any possible Wilder ring return. “I think he’s fighting again……I actually know he’s fighting again but I can’t drop who and what date. But it’s coming soon, a massive fight with Wilder involved.”

Now, we know we cannot swallow everything Fury says, far from it. But on this one, Fury has zero reason to fib, so maybe he has indeed got some inside info. Already, as a result of what Fury had to say not too long ago today, there is fan speculation as far as just who it could be that Wilder faces in what Fury tells us will be a “massive fight.”

All the big heavyweight names are currently tied up, so it’s tough to think of who it could be that Fury is referring to. But if Wilder does come back, and if he has regained the desire he was so bereft of during the Parker affair, it could bring some additional buzz to a heavyweight division that is buzzing pretty good as it is.

Wilder at his most destructive was something to see, but will we ever see that version of “The Bronze Bomber” again? Tyson Fury says he thinks so.

Again, who could that upcoming Wilder fight be against? Or IS Fury just messing with us all once again? But if so, for what reason?

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