Tyson Fury Ends Any And All Speculation That His Cut Eye Is Not Legit; New Date Set For Fury – Usyk

By James Slater - 02/03/2024 - Comments

Tyson Fury appeared on The MMA Hour earlier today, and the world saw, in living colour, the cut above his right eye that forced the postponement of the Fury-Oleksandr Usyk fight of February 17th. Now, surely, all the conspiracy theories that were out there, claiming Fury either faked the cut or inflicted it on himself on purpose, will come to an end.

Almost as soon as the bad news broke yesterday that the unification fight was to be postponed, did so many people get busy making videos, making comments, suggesting there was something fishy about the cut, and about the leaked snippet of sparring where Fury was caught by an elbow. Now, we can see the damage for ourselves, not from a mere still, but on video, and we can see that Fury is clearly marked up.

YouTube video

Fury said on the MMA Hour that he has had 11 stitches and that he was indeed hit by an elbow, with him suffering what he referred to as a “split eye.” Fury added how the hospital has “all the medical reports” and that “there is nothing much that anyone can do about getting a cut in sparring.”

“S**t happens,” Fury said.

The big news is the new date Turki Alalshikh announced, this being May 18th. And if either Fury or Usyk “get scared” and pull out of the new date, Alalshikh said on today’s show, the remaining fighter will be paid $10 million, while a “big fight” will replace Fury against Usyk (with the remaining fighter to face someone else on May 18, possibly Filip Hrgovic).

So this is where we are: we have a new working date for the fight, one that both fighters confirmed they have agreed to, and we have all seen how Fury’s cut eye is nothing but 100 percent legitimate, and obviously one he could not in any way have fought on with (although Alalshikh said today that Fury wanted to proceed with the fight on February 17, this something he himself would not permit).

Fury even gave us a close-up view of his damaged eye, with him getting as close as he could to the TV screen. For a while there, those aforementioned conspiracy videos on YouTube got plenty of us wondering, was the whole cut eye thing a fake, designed to get Fury “out of the fight?” Now, thankfully, this nonsense can stop.

And we have a new date, one that will hopefully come to fruition without a hitch.

YouTube video