Tyson Fury Cannot Resist! Says He’s “Not Seen A Beat Down Over Ukraine Like This Since 2015”

You may or not be aware, but the Euros are currently ongoing in football and last night in Rome, Italy, England scored a hugely dominant win over Ukraine, beating them to the tune of 4-0. Tyson Fury was watching and the WBC and lineal heavyweight champ simply could not resist taking to social media to place a thinly veiled (very thinly veiled) dig at his former ring rival, Wladimir Klitschko.

“I’ve not seen a beat down over Ukraine like this since Dusseldorf 28 November 28 2015,” Fury wrote.

Of course, the tweet is referring to Fury’s upset win over Klitschko, who he won a fairly wide decision over (in an extremely dull and hard to watch fight) getting on for six years ago. Fury simply had to rub it in, didn’t he! Fury now has other, far more important matters to attend to, though. It’s now less than three weeks until his third fight with Deontay Wilder, the man Fury himself says is the single hardest-punching and most dangerous heavyweight in the world today.

Fury is of course entitled to take some time out to watch the football, but it is to be hoped he is taking his training extremely seriously. Sure, Fury is 2-0 over Wilder in the opinion of many (who feel Fury won the first fight, which was of course scored a draw), but Wilder can and always will be able to hit with immense force. And in the heavyweight division it can only take one punch.

Fury is the big favourite to win on July 24 in Las Vegas, yet some experts (Leonard Ellerbe for one) are picking Wilder to get the KO this time. Whoever wins on July 24, will we see a beat down? Who are YOU picking?

Meanwhile, Fury took the time to wish all of America a happy Fourth of July. Say what you want about Fury, but he sure is an entertaining kind of guy and he knows how to reach his fans.

5 thoughts on “Tyson Fury Cannot Resist! Says He’s “Not Seen A Beat Down Over Ukraine Like This Since 2015””

    • This clown got knocked on his ass twice and he must be on crack if he think he’s going to beat Wilder. Please Tyson Blurry, sit your garbage as s down somewhere ya bum!!!

  1. Erm, but that was the worst fight in history. He landed about 2 jabs per round and Klitschko did nothing. Then Fury ducked the rematch and turned to drugs to deal with his fear and shame. Fury had also tested positive for Nandrolone and later was suspended for it for 2 years, so he shouldn’t even have been allowed to fight Klitschko.

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