Canelo Alvarez wants Jermall Charlo, not GGG

Gennadiy Golovkin is not on Canelo Alvarez’s wishlist for a future fight. The Mexicano superstar Canelo was asked this week by DAZN on who he preferred to fight between Golovkin and Charlo, and he said, “Charlo.”

This means that IBF middleweight champion Golovkin needs to forget about Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) and start focusing on facing the best opposition possible.

Golovkin may have unwittingly hurt his chances for getting a third fight with Canelo by backing away from taking on elite-level opposition.

If Golovkin had continued to take risks with his career, his popularity would be higher than it is now, and Canelo would be motivated to fight him again.

The way it is now, Golovkin is the forgotten man in the eyes of many boxing fans because he stopped fighting the best.

Golovkin should have fought these fighters in the last three years to keep his popularity high:

  • Demetrius Andrade
  • Jermall Charlo
  • Erislandy Lara
  • Jaime Munguia
  • Chris Eubank jr
  • Billy Joe Saunders
  • Callum Smith
  • David Benavidez

Many boxing fans believe that Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs) has been facing soft opposition since his loss to Canelo in 2018 so that he wouldn’t get beaten and hurt his chances of getting a third fight.

Canelo Alvarez, Gennadiy Golovkin, Jermall Charlo - Boxing News

With Canelo making it clear that he wants Charlo over GGG, it’s time for the Kazahstan fighter to move on and stop holding out hope that he’ll get a third fight with the Mexican star.

Golovkin’s opposition that he’s faced in the last three years since signing with DAZN has been disappointing. GGG has basically stopped taking risks with his career and has taken it easy with three fights:

  • Steve Rolls
  • Sergiy Derevyanchenko
  • Kamil Szeremeta

The streaming giant DAZN hasn’t gotten much of any quality fights from Golovkin since they signed him.

The three guys that Golovkin has fought since inking a lucrative contract with DAZN are more tune-up level opposition, not the type of fighters that one would expect to see from someone being paid huge bucks.

DAZN is rumored to be looking to get Golovkin to fight WBO middleweight champion Demetrius Andrade next rather than a fight against WBA 160-lb champion Ryota Murata.

According to Eddie Hearn, Golovkin wants to fight the twice-beaten 35-year-old Murata in December in Japan. That’s not a fight that would play out big in the U.S and bring in subscribers, as Murata isn’t well known to the casual boxing fans in the States.

Canelo Alvarez, Gennadiy Golovkin, Jermall Charlo - Boxing News

The fans that have seen Murata fight have watched him lose to Hassan N’Dam and Rob Brant. Murata avenged both of those losses, but they beat him, showing you the type of fighter he is.

Derevyanchenko indeed turned out to be a tough fight for Golovkin, but that’s more a sign of how little the 39-year-old GGG has left in the tank at this point in his 15-year professional career.

Daniel Jacobs and Jermall Charlo soundly beat Derevyanchenko. Golovkin struggling against Derevyanchenko showed where he’s at talent-wise.

If Golovkin wants a third fight with Canelo, he needs to forget about fighting the paper champion Murata and focus on fighting the guys that will bring in subscribers to DAZN. That means Golovkin should fight Charlo, Andrade, Benavidez, Lara, Eubank Jr, and Callum.

You got to wonder whether DAZN will offer GGG a new contract when his existing one expires. It’s not that Golovkin is too old to continue fighting.

It’s the way he’s been playing it safe by fighting the likes of Rolls, Szeremeta, and Derevyanchenko.

When you’re getting the kind of money that Golovkin is getting from DAZN, he should have a sense of obligation to give them the type of fights that they need to bring in subscribers.

You’re not going to do that fighting no-name opposition over and over again to pad your record to keep from losing again.

GGG choosing to fight Szeremeta recently was a huge mistake on his part because it was an embarrassingly bad fight, and it made it look like he’s padding his record by fighting woeful opposition.

If you’re Golovkin, you shouldn’t have taken that fight. Even if Golovkin had to vacate his IBF title, he shouldn’t have fought Szeremeta.

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  1. I think a lot of Boxing fans would like to see that, if he wins without any controversies he would get his respect and attract new followers

  2. Canela needs to fight A Class fighters! He waited and hoped to fightGGG as a n older man and got his A** beat. Triple GGG shouldn’t of fought him a second time and moved on.
    Now Canela wants to claim he fights top fighters! Nope. He’s fighting second level European boxers ( no disrespect, they aight!). But not buying it… unless it’s a Charlo, Benavidez.

  3. Funny how you say that GGG should fight Andrade, Charlo, Eubanks Jr , David Benavidez and ect. Canelo should fight those big names instead of cherry picking the weakest champions like kovalev, Saunders, and fielding.

    • Canelo won’t fight the one guy that gave him trouble. GGG. Golovkin came close to knocking him out in their last fight. No wonder he’s avoiding him.

  4. Camelot need to fight Charlo or David , Andreas ,the only skill black fighter he fought was Mayweather and Lara and lost both he don’t want to fight these guys with power Mayweather shook him bad but if he fight 1 of these three guys and win I’ll give him his due
    Other than that he’s just picking flowers and I will not pay PPV for that.

  5. To whom say that Canelo lost to GGG you all out of your minds. Canelo is the best , he fights with class, structure and heart his passion for boxing in just magical and i dont think there is anyone that could beat him . Hes in his prime right now and hes only getting better.

  6. I think that canelo is the #1p4p ✅night out…But to clean his reputation he needs to fight GGG again and the erislandy Lara for me he lost to those 2 Fighter’s

  7. Canelo should have already fought GGG a third time a long time ago. Todays top fighters are too scared to fight each other. I miss the boxers of the 70’s the 80’s and even the nities. Those fighters always risked fighing each othe even three times if necessary to prove who was the undisputed champion in their respective division.

  8. I do think a 3rd fight is needed i think Canelo will stop ggg this time and i would live to see Canelo Vs Charlo but charlo said he won’t come up to 168 Canelo is gonna walk through plant, id rather see Canelo vs Benevidez thats the Fight to be made but let Canelo stop ggg first alot of fans still want to see that fight i do just to show Canelo’s progression as a Fighter..💯🥊💥💯🙏🙏👁

    • Charlo said he would move to 168 to fight canelo not Benavides because he has no belt and course the money would be a issue

    • Triple G is over. He needs to fight Charlo to shut him up. He struggled big time in his last fight. If he was facing Canelo he would have tore him up. Charlo will go down against Canelo …..💯🇲🇽

  9. This writer is a Clenelo fan.. Obviously! GGG is still a great fighter and Canelo should fight him again. They both owe fans one more 12 round battle. We know no one is getting knocked out, but it will be a great fight. If GGG can run through him like the first battle he should be given the W. All comments please take this L

    • Riiiiiight and your very response doesn’t show your clear and obvious bias towards “canelo”.

    • Honestly first 2 fights awesome. Could’ve gone either way. I thought Canelo lost first, won second. I think at this point, not a good fight for Canelo. If he beats GGG, old man. If he loses, an old man beat him. GGG last fight not good.

  10. This writer is a tard. Want real facts? Canelo been fighting soft. He actually lost 3 fights which one was ggg getting robbed and canelo getting a fixed gift. Charlo? Don’t get me started cause both never fought anyone elite and the one still managed a loss lol gtfo let’s see charlo fight someone elite? Ggg has fought many and he owned canelo and was robbed.

  11. Charlo can make BIG money and raise his worth, but he won’t let a small weight gain put him in line with Canelo. It is very easy to gain 6 or 8 pounds and fight a more natural weight class, than to pull 8 lbs to get to a lower un-natural class. When you are the BIG draw, challengers need to make whatever weight changes will qualify them to get your contract

    • As fighters get older they will gain weight, sometimes and depending on their work regime. 8 pounds is significant in a bout such as weight classes in wrestling, one weight class to the next significant becasue the opponent is sucking weight to make the weight hence a bigger fighter / wrestler you’re going against. Charlo is good with being a Champ at his weight class and has recognized Canelo skipped over him when they could have fought at Charlo’s weight. Again, Charlo recognizes as most of us do Canelos antic to be a “prize” fighter, of Having no blemishes.

  12. And you know what about boxing , canelo hasnt fought any of those guys you mentioned so what’s the difference, ggg beat canelo the 1st fight I dont ca re e what the judges was bought off to do

    • The difference is Canelo can call the shots any day right now because he’s the undisputed P4P champ and GGG is not close to Canelo’s prestige so there! Now go cry elsewhere!

  13. Canelo lost both times to GGG

    Canelo needs to fight good opponents so fight Charlo already at Charlo’s weight class (stop the talk) and do it. Benavides is right there right now so do it!

    GGG knows already where he is in his career and has never admitted to a loss to Canelo.

    • I’m a big CANELO fan , and the first gg fight should’ve went to ggg no doubt about it , but there’s no way in hell lil g won the second one , it was close but CANELO controlled the ring and landed the bigger shots he made gg resort to Lil jabs canelo took the fight to him and gg didn’t deliver, aside of the jabs that he was landing. He wanted a Mexican style fight and Canelo delivered, not lil g! Facts

  14. BS, canelo is afraid ofba third fight with ggg on neutral land with refs other than from usa or UK.

    • Agree
      Trilogy should have already happened. No doubt Canelo ducked that fight and payday. He thinks he’s the money fighter and not going to risk getting beat up or a loss.

  15. G stopped fighting quality opponents since his loss..if he doesn’t get another shot at Canelo, can’t blame noone but himself

  16. GGG should fight boo boo not those low level fighters because of his fighting IQ. IM A GGG fan and just speaking the truth.

    • Canelo and ggg hand pick easy opponents guys with no power no charlos or andrads like I said before no undefeated blk fighters or undefeated Mexican fighters Canelo picks most of the guys that look bad in previous fight or lost previous fight and as far as the guy charlo just fought he was game big and relentless he would have gave ggg and Canelo problems we needed to see charlo in deep water to see how he would do having to box and mix it up he won easy wins don’t make champions ggg and Canelo need to do that

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