Trevor Bryan, Daniel Dubois Weigh-In: Bryan 259.6, Dubois 241.6

By James Slater - 06/10/2022 - Comments

The official weights are in for tomorrow night’s heavyweight clash between Trevor Bryan and Daniel Dubois. New York’s Bryan, who will be defending his WBA “regular” heavyweight title, tipped-in at 259.6 pounds. London’s Dubois, the challenger, came in a good deal the lighter man, tipping-in at 241.6 pounds. Bryan looked the less toned fighter of the two when standing on the scale but 259 is a good weight for the 32 year old.

Dubois is always in excellent physical shape and he has clearly put the work in for the fight. The two then went face-to-face once again, with the two hurling insults at one another.

Trevor Bryan, Daniel Dubois Weigh-In: Bryan 259.6, Dubois 241.6

Of the two men, it could be argued that Dubois looked the more nervous of the two, his feet continually shifting as Bryan stood dead still. But none of this will mean much of anything when the bell rings in Miami, Florida tomorrow night, and neither will the physical appearance of the two fighters.

But who wins?

In his regular column for The Mirror, featherweight legend Barry McGuigan – who is of course father of Dubois’ trainer, Shane McGuigan – writes how he expects Dubois to get the stoppage win between rounds six and eight. McGuigan says he thinks Bryan is “terrified,” but that this might “give him some positive energy.”

Eddie Hearn says he sees tomorrow’s fight as a “total mismatch,” and he expects to see Dubois, 17-1(16) win inside three rounds at the most.

Maybe, but is Bryan, 22-0(15) being underestimated? McGuigan does write how there is “a degree of mystery about just how good [Bryan] is.” But then again, how good is Dubois? Also, has the 24 year old fully recovered from his painful stoppage loss to Joe Joyce (a fight that saw Dubois “quit” according to Bryan)?

There are some interesting questions going into tomorrow’s heavyweight title fight (much maligned as the title being contested is) and hopefully we will get a good and exciting fight for however long it lasts.

Pick: Dubois takes Bryan out inside five rounds.

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