Tommy Fury wants Jake Paul to pay double after winning handshake bet

By Michael Collins - 03/02/2023 - Comments

Tommy Fury didn’t sign a contract on a double or nothing bet with Jake Paul but is still asking to be paid four days later.

It was a handshake bet without a contract being signed, and some fans on social media doubt whether the cruiserweight Tommy (9-0, 4 KOs), the brother of Tyson Fury, would have agreed to give up his purse, rumored to be $4 million, if he’d lost the eight-rounder to the Youtuber Jake Paul (6-1, 4 KOs) last Sunday at the Diriyah Arena, in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Yesterday, Tommy’s father John Fury spoke out on social media, asking for Jake Paul to pay up on his bet. Now, Tommy is doing the same.

It’s unclear how long Tommy and John will continue asking for the bet money from Jake because some point, they’re going to come across as desperate, and that could be off-putting for the famous Youtuber, who is filthy rich with a net worth estimated at $40 million. When you got a huge fortune like that, you don’t want to associate with money-grubbing people.

He could view the constant plea for money from Tommy & John Fury as begging, which would obviously be a total turn-off.

Tommy Fury expects Jake Paul to pay bet

I believe in the rematch; I’ll definitely stop him,” said Fury to Good Morning Britain about wanting to fight Jake Paul again.

“We were live on television, and we shook hands. We’ll take that how you want to take it. We’re old-fashioned guys, and a handshake means everything to us.

“Let’s see if he honors it or not. We did shake hands, and me and my family are old-fashioned people. So a handshake is as good as a contract with us. So let’s see Jake Paul; let’s see if he’s going to answer it.”

Will Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury rematch happen?

“It’s a natural rematch. People buy into it again, there’s no doubt about it,” said promoter Frank Warren to iFL TV about a potential rematch between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul.

“He’s not quite a level fight for a British title now yet, and if he fights for a British title, he’s not going to get the type of money generated for what happened on Sunday night or if indeed there’s a rematch or if you want KSI. That’s where the big money is,” Warren said about Tommy.

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“If he wants to come back fighting the recognized, licensed boxers, then financially, how is it going to work, and what is his expectations going to be for the purses?” Warren said of Tommy Fury.

“It makes the most sense. Jake wants to do it, and I’m sure Tommy will because it’s a very lucrative fight for both of them. People buy back into it again,” Warren said of a Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury rematch.

“I watched the fight on BT Box Office, and he was very disparaging about what was going on all the way through about what was going on between the two guys,” said Warren about Carl Froch, who had a lot to say about the Paul-Fury fight, some of it not so complimentary.

“Why did you take the gig if you don’t like it? I understand it’s done well,” said Warren when asked if he’d received any feedback from BT Box Office about the number of buys for the Jake vs. Tommy fight.