Terence Crawford could take out both Charlo brothers

Terence Crawford may soon move up to 154 and look to beat both Charlo brothers, Jermall & Jermell, in 2023 if not sooner. If Crawford takes out both Charlo brothers, they’d never live it down.

Jermall seems to be irritated about Crawford repeatedly calling out his twin other Jermell, letting the boxing world know that he wants his straps next year.

WBC middleweight champion Jermall (32-0, 22 KOs) told Brian Custer of Showtime that he’d like to drop down to 154 to face Crawford.

With his brother Jermell appearing to drag his feet about the idea of fighting Crawford, Jermall is ready to step up and take the fight with him at 154. Just how serious Jermall is about wanting to fight Crawford is the important question. He could be just blowing smoke.

Instead of Jermell being pleased that Crawford is planning on fighting him in 2023, he’s seemed disinterested, even though it would be a massive fight and would likely give him his biggest payday.

Fans have noted Jermell’s reaction each time Crawford’s name is mentioned, and they interpret it as a sign of fear.

Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) has already made it known that he’s going to be moving up and targeting undisputed 154-lb champion Jermall after he takes care of business with Errol Spence Jr this year.

Next on the agenda for Crawford after relieving Spence of his three titles is to go after Jermell (35-1-1, 19 KOs).

Crawford should have called Jermall’s bluff by telling him, ‘Let’s do it!’ It would be interesting to see if Jermall would start backing out, saying that Crawford doesn’t have a belt and has nothing to offer him.

In other words, it would be the same thing Jermall said in dismissing David Benavidez as a potential opponent by saying he’s belt-less.

“Terence Crawford, I’ll fight him,” said Jermall Charlo to Showtime Boxing about his desire to face Crawford if given the opportunity. “I’ll fight you, Terence!

“I’ll come back down to 154 to fight Terence,” said Jermall.

It would be by far the biggest fight of Jermall’s 14-year professional career if he were to fight Crawford because his resume is completely barren of names.

The only halfway decent name fighter on Jermall’s resume is Julian ‘J-Rock’ Williams, and that victory hasn’t aged well. J-Rock has since been beaten by Jeison Rosario, which took away the shine that Jermall got from beating him in 2016.