Terence Crawford Lays Into Errol Spence On Twitter, But Will The Two Actually Fight In The Ring?

The heavyweight division aside, it’s THE biggest, most fan-demanded fight right now: Errol Spence vs. Terence Crawford. Spence is of course still out of action due to the nasty car smash he was involved in back in October, but this hasn’t stopped Crawford from laying into him on social media.

A few hours back, Crawford, in a move that had attached to it some strange timing, vowed to KO Spence when the two fight, and leave him “crying in the car.”

“Keep defending him because I’m tell all y’all now and I mean what I say, when that day comes when I knock him, all I want all you all to keep that same energy because he is going to cry in the car. He wasn’t built for this s**t I got over here just watch me show the world,” Crawford wrote.

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Again, Spence cannot fight right now and Crawford knows it. These two, arguably the two best welterweights in the world today, have a healthy level of competition, sure, but why the sheer hostility from “Bud?”

Let Spence come back (he said recently that he doesn’t want a tune-up, but no way will his first fight back be one against Crawford!), show us all he has zero ill effects from the car smash, and then Crawford can start calling him out. Both fighters do want this fight, of that it seems clear, but can it be made?

Crawford doesn’t want to hear the ‘rival promoters make this a tough nut to crack,’ story:

“And stop using the f*****g promoters, managers and advisors for that weak ass excuse you’re all doing. They work for us. You’re all dumb mf. If you really want a fight, you tell them. I don’t give two f****. That’s who I want to fight. Let your nuts drop. You say you’re your own boss.”

Thus far, showing more class, Spence has merely tweeted “Ya’ll can believe the bs if you want.”

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All us fans want is to see the two potential greats settle this where it counts: in the ring. But again, Spence must be given time to come back from that car crash, one that could have been fatal. Crawford must agree.