Terence Crawford Calls For Errol Spence Fight

Image @PBConFOX – At the advanced age of 34, Terence Crawford proved beyond any doubt last night that he is a very special fighter. Crawford got the defining win, the send-a-message stoppage win he was looking for against a tough and challenging Shawn Porter. Crawford, as his beaten foe said afterwards, put it all together, and is so doing he became the first man to halt the tough-as-nails Porter, now 31-4-1(17). Crawford made us wait, years in fact, but he, at last, gave us a super-special performance against an excellent fighter.

Already, the question is what will the now 38-0(29) Crawford do next? The obvious answer is pretty simple: fight rival welterweight champ, two-belt holder Errol Spence Jr. Thankfully, this is the fight “Bud” wants next; it’s the fight he called for in the ring last night when he was informed that “The Truth” was in the building.

“Spence was at my fight? No, that boy said he was never gonna be at my fights but now he’s at my fights. You see what I did compare to what he did (against Porter),” Crawford said. “Now wait, my thing is – who’s number one in the welterweight division right now? You know who I want. I’ve been calling him out all day – maybe Spence will get his tail out of his butt and fight me.”

Crawford Vs. Spence is one of the biggest fights that can be made in the sport today, while it would be one of the biggest welterweight showdowns in years. Spence, though, is recovering from eye surgery and he may need a tune-up fight before going right back in with Crawford (despite what Spence said a while back, when he suggested that he doesn’t need any such fight, nor is he interested in taking a tune-up; insisting that he needs something meaningful).

Going by their respective showings against Porter (with Spence having to go the full 12 rounds against “Showtime,” winning a close, hard-fought decision in September of 2019), Crawford will likely be seen as the favourite over Spence. But we should never forget how special a talent Spence, 27-0(21) really is. But right now, it’s all about Crawford. He looked sensational last night, unbeatable almost. Can anyone beat him, even Spence?

Crawford, as the saying goes, is like a fine wine; he gets better with age. Is he at his peak right now, at age 37!?