Teofimo Lopez Gets Real on Tank Davis, Loma vs Haney and The State of Boxing

By Vladimir S - 06/07/2023 - Comments

Fight Hub recently caught up with Teofimo Lopez, and Teo had a lot to spill about the controversial Loma vs Haney match. Not to mention, he came at the whole boxing commentary scene and didn’t shy away from dropping his take on the Hall of Fame debate.

Teofimo on Loma vs Haney: A Straight-Up Verdict

Lopez didn’t beat around the bush about his thoughts on the Loma-Haney fight, he went straight in: “I had it 9-3 Loma. Devin didn’t do enough… Loma was dictating the fight from the second round on… He was pushing the fight more, throwing combinations more.”

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According to Lopez, Loma owned the ring and gave Haney a tough time keeping up.

Commentary in Boxing: A One-Sided Story?

Lopez pulled no punches when it came to commenting on boxing commentators, throwing shade on how some of them might be playing favourites:

“It’s interesting to see… commentators…their job is to require on two things: keep your view to the fans equal right. If one fighter is doing good you talk about it, if another is doing good on that round, you speak on it.”

He suggests that not all commentators play fair, which can seriously mess with how fans see a fight.

While Lopez was talking about the current boxing landscape, he couldn’t help but touch on Gervonta Davis, the super featherweight and lightweight superstar. In Lopez’s view, Davis has made some significant noise in the industry, but he also has some reservations about Davis’s choice of opponents.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia: A Big Deal?

Lopez questioned the hype surrounding the Davis vs Garcia fight, expressing his skepticism about the matchup’s significance:

“People are going off the Tank and Ryan fight like that was a big thing and a big deal, but it truly wasn’t. I think Gervonta already knew he was going to beat Ryan.”

To him, it seemed like Davis was confident about beating Garcia from the get-go. He sees Garcia as more focused on gaining social media followers, especially from female fans, rather than concentrating on the fight.

Tank’s Potential: Not Quite There?

Lopez also raised concerns about Davis’s selection of opponents. He believes that Davis could take on stronger competition:

“Tank is out there trying to make more noise…he’s trying to fight the guys that he needs to fight, but at the same time, he’s not fighting the toughest competition out there.”

This perspective suggests that, while Davis is a rising star, he could step up his game even more by facing tougher opponents.

Challenge to Gervonta Davis: Call Me Up

Lopez left no room for interpretation when suggesting that Davis could face him if he wants to prove himself against the best:

“If you really wanted to fight the toughest competition out there, you call me up.”

It seems that Lopez is open to a future showdown with Davis, one that would certainly draw a lot of attention from boxing fans worldwide.

Hall of Fame: Some Names Don’t Belong?

Lopez was straight savage when talking about who deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. In his opinion, Tim Bradley’s just not Hall of Fame material:

“I don’t even know how Tim Bradley’s in the Hall of Fame, to be real. I don’t understand that part. I don’t think he’s a Hall of Famer.”

Instead, Lopez reckons there are other fighters who’ve made a bigger splash and should take the limelight.

Current Scene of Boxing: Too Soft?

Lopez didn’t hold back his concerns about today’s boxing scene, hinting that some fighters might be avoiding the big challenges just to keep their records looking pretty:

“Everyone is looking at it like this, man…a lot of these people are just trying to build their records but not facing fighters that are going to give them challenges.”

For Lopez, being a real champ means stepping up to the plate, taking on the big fights, and showing what you’re made of.

Next Up for Lopez: A Call to Arms

Despite his beef with the current scene, Teofimo Lopez is down for the challenge and wants to show everyone what a real fighter looks like:

“If you really wanted to fight the toughest competition out there, you call me up. I’m not dodging that.”

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