Taylor vs. Serrano II: Amanda Says She Will Be Women’s P-4-P Best

By James Slater - 05/17/2024 - Comments

Jake Paul – Mike Tyson & Taylor – Seerano II wil be free on netflix

It proved to be a pretty fun presser in Texas yesterday, this as Mike Tyson and Jake Paul came together again in an effort at hyping their already hyped up July fight. Tyson got off a few good lines, with him saying he thinks Paul is “suicidal” for agreeing to fight him, and with the 57 year old saying Paul “looks fat.”

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Paul again stated how he will “end” Tyson in the fight, with him being the last man to ever defeat Tyson. The most animated we saw Tyson came after he felt he was being disrespected when a reporter asked Paul when, if he’s going to become a legit fighter as he says will be the case, will he quit the “gimmick” fights.

“I think he just called Mike Tyson a gimmick,” Paul said, and Tyson became a little irate.

“What did you call me?” Tyson demanded of the reporter, who shot back how he hadn’t called Tyson anything, which he hadn’t. But say what the two fighters will, this fight IS a gimmick fight, but it sure will be a money-spinner of a gimmick fight.

The real fight taking place is the return fight between female stars Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano. The first fight was a classic, and it was close, with Taylor winning a debatable decision; so that’s two reasons to do it again. Taylor often prefers to let her fists do the talking, and she refrained from any trash-talk. Taylor merely said she is confident she will get the win again, that she is training hard, and that she will again “prove I’m the best female fighter in the world” with a win.

Serrano, who is moving up to 140 pounds for the return, the first fight having taken place at 135, said she is certain she won the first fight and that it will be her who becomes female pound-for-pound No.1 with a win in July.

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“I’ve been saying for a long time, I believe I won that fight,” Serrano said. “You can ask the audience who won that fight. You can ever ask your Irish people who won that fight. I respect Katie. She’s a great champion. I need a great dance partner and Katie is that dance partner, but deep down inside, I know I won that fight. You have to remember also, she’s fighting a featherweight. She’s fighting a featherweight champion going up to her weight, so I mean when I win, I will be pound-for-pound the best.”

Credit to both ladies for taking this fight. Again, the first fight was great, and oh so close. Fight-two might be just the same. However, it really will prove interesting seeing how – or if – Serrano copes up at 140 pounds.

Claressa Shields, meanwhile, is the general pick for the current pound-for-pound best in women’s boxing. What a shame Shields is not the same size as either Taylor or Serrano.

Last Updated on 05/17/2024