Mikey Garcia reacts to Manny Pacquiao vs. Ryan Garcia fight

Mikey Garcia says he doesn’t think Ryan Garcia and Manny Pacquiao are fighting at all. He says it’s “not real.” it’s them talking about it to test fans to see how interested or not interested they are in a fight between them.

Earlier today, it was learned that the Pacquiao-Ryan fight would be an exhibition match.

The former four-division world champion Mikey might not be the ideal person to be asked about the Pacquiao-Ryan fight, as he was recently hoping that Manny would fight him. Pacquiao hasn’t shown serious interest in fighting Mikey, and it’s understandable.

With Mikey ballooning up in weight during the pandemic, he no longer resembled an athlete in appearance. Mikey looks more like an out of shape normal person.

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Mikey thinks that Ryan hasn’t done enough with his career for him to get a fight against Pacquiao. But Mikey may be overlooking the fact that Ryan has more followers on social media than Manny.

Mikey skeptical about Ryan getting Pacquiao fight

“I heard people talking about it this morning. There’s a lot of pages putting it up,” said Mikey Garcia to Figthype on the Manny Pacquiao vs. Ryan Garcia news. “Is it happening? I don’t know.

Manny Pacquiao, Mikey Garcia, Ryan Garcia - Boxing News

“It seems like they’re [Ryan Garcia] willing to do anything to get attention. ‘I’m waiting for Matt Damon to hit me up so I can fight him. Maybe Mark Wahlberg, and maybe Johnny Depp. Maybe we do fights like that, and maybe I come off them fighting each other.’

“With all those YouTube guys being able to fight and do well well with pay-per-view numbers, it seems like anything is a go.

“But a Ryan Garcia vs. Manny Pacquiao fight, it’s not quite the same as a Youtube fight obviously because these guys are actual fighters. But I don’t think there are enough accolades with Ryan Garcia to fight Manny.

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“He hasn’t even become a champion. He won the title that was presented to him, but he hasn’t beaten any champions. He doesn’t have enough credits basically. If it happens, good luck to him. Props to Ryan. I don’t think it’s real,” said Mikey.

It’s looking like Ryan will definitely be getting the fight with Pacquiao, but it won’t be a real one. It’ll be an exhibition match.

There’s talk on social media that the Pacquiao vs. Ryan match will be on pay-per-view. If that’s true, boxing fans will need to dig deep and potentially pay $80 to see the two fight. Obviously, that’s a lot of money to watch an exhibition match, but this is 2021. Things are different now.

Pacquiao vs. Garcia might be testing fans

“They might be testing to see what the reaction is for the fans to get them excited just like with Mayweather and what’s his name for an exhibition match? Logan Paul,” Mikey said in continuing to question the validity of the Pacquiao vs. Garcia talk.

Manny Pacquiao, Mikey Garcia, Ryan Garcia - Boxing News

“They test a lot of s*** by throwing it out there to see if there’s any real interest in it. Until I see it with both parties and it’s official like that, you can’t go off a post,” Mikey said.

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Would Pacquiao and Ryan use their fight as a test to judge the fans’ interest? It’s possible. It sounds like Mikey knows the tricks the promoters use to gauge interest in one of their fights

Mikey picking Pacquiao to beat Ryan

“I think Manny wins,” said Mikey when asked who wins between Pacquiao and Ryan Garcia. “It’ll probably go the distance. I don’t think it’ll matter.

Manny Pacquiao, Mikey Garcia, Ryan Garcia - Boxing News

“People just want to watch anything right now, and Ryan has so many followers. They’re just watching him. It’s not that they care so much about there being a title or not,” said a bitter-sounding Mikey.

Pacquiao will have a great chance of beating Ryan, whether it’s an exhibition match or not.