So who would you root for if Tyson Fury and David Price fought?

It seems that for as long as David Price is an active fighter, and until Tyson Fury can again reach the very top and then engage in the big, big fights (if he can actually do it, that is) – there will be talk of a Fury-Price collision. These two giants have both felt the enormous pressure to succeed, with different levels of glory achieved by both.

The two Brits met at amateur level, many moons ago, and a young Price decisioned an even younger, and greener, Fury. Practically ever since there has been at least some talk of a return fight. This talk has began again, with Price, set for yet another comeback – this one following his brave, I-scored-a-knockdown- before-I-got-stopped, loss to Alexander Povetkin – telling Sky Sports he has big interest in the fight and he feels fans have too.

Is there still mileage in this match-up? Let’s face it, with the type of poor opposition Fury is facing in his own comeback (Sefer Seferi first and, though not yet announced, a probable gimme for August 18 in his second return bout), a rumble with Price would represent a big step up for “The Gypsy King.”

Price is set to face TBA himself, on July 27, but he tells Sky Sports how his management says there “could be a big fight in the autumn for me.” This big fight couldn’t be a fight with Fury, could it?

Let’s suppose it is, or at least the fight happens some time in the coming months: who do YOU root for? Fury has, in his time, offended just about every foe he has faced in the ring (and a good deal of people who have zero to do with boxing), whereas Price is as humble, as softly-spoken and as respectful to all as could be imagined.

Imagine the build-up to a Fury-Price clash – Fury would almost certainly relish tearing into Price at every single opportunity. The pre-fight pressers and the face-to-face events would be all Fury – The Tyson Fury Show. But Price, in being insulted and ridiculed would possibly use the poison as ammo and motivation.

Fury would easily get the upper-hand ahead of the fight, and in all likelihood he would box rings around Price (although, against Seferi, Fury gave us no real clue as to how much he has left) – but just imagine an angry and stung Price letting go with a bomb and decking his tormentor. Admit it, you’d love to see it, wouldn’t you?

Price believes so, and he feels strongly there is still more than enough fan interest here; with fans willing to in tune in to see if the man who has been KO’d five times can pull off the big upset. This interest, Price says, can make the fight happen – still. He may well be right. And if they do fight – this year or early next – you won’t miss it, will you!