Showtime All Access reveals dialogue between trainer & Ryan Garcia about rib injury

04/29/2023 - By Will Arons - Comments

Showtime All Access revealed the dialogue between Ryan Garcia and his trainer Joe Goosen immediately after the fight last Saturday, in which they discuss him getting hit by Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis on the injured rib.

Until now, Ryan (23-1, 19KOs) had kept it secret about having an injured rib going into his fight with Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs), but thanks to the dialogue between Kinngry and his coach Goossen being released by Showtime All Access today, it’s now clear that he was hurt and that’s why he didn’t get back up after he was knocked down in round seven.

Boxing fans, coaches, and fighters have been labeling Ryan Garcia as a quitter since his loss because they felt that he should have gotten back to his feet after he was knocked down by a left to the body in round seven by Gervonta.

With Ryan Garcia disclosing that he had a preexisting rib injury for the Tank Davis fight, his decision not to get back to his feet in the seventh round looks less bad.

Still, the chances are high that Ryan would have lost the fight to Tank, even if he were 100% healthy, because he lacked discipline in that fight. Tank had already knocked Ryan down in round two from a headshot, and he would have likely gotten to him sooner or later.

Whether the information about Ryan’s rib injury will be a good enough excuse to justify a rematch remains to be seen. Ryan has to sell it to his 10 million Instagram followers because they’re the ones that will decide whether they want to pay to see a second fight between him and Gervonta.

The good news is that the teenagers that follow Ryan aren’t necessarily boxing fans. They’re just into him, and as such, they’ll gladly buy into the rib excuse and eagerly pay $85 to see a rematch.

All Access dialogue between Ryan Garcia & coach

Trainer Joe Goosen: “Did it hit that rib part at all, Ryan?”

Ryan Garcia: “Yeah.”

Goosen: “I knew it.”

Ryan: “I didn’t want to continue because of my rib.”

Goosen: “No, listen. That type of shot is the hardest. You’d rather get hit on the chin.”

Ryan: “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’d have rather.”

Goosen: “I know, and you did [in round two], and you got up.”

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