Ryan Garcia’s dad addresses rehydration clause for Tank Davis fight

04/11/2023 - By Will Arons - Comments

Ryan Garcia’s dad Henry says the 10-lb rehydration clause won’t be a problem at all for his son against Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis for their fight on April 22nd.

Henry revealed that Ryan (23-0, 19 KOs) never gains more than nine or ten pounds when he weighs in. So if anything, it won’t be Ryan affected by the rehydration clause.

Much has been made about the 136-lb catchweight and 10-lb rehydration clause for the Tank-Ryan fight, but it’s been drastically overblown because Ryan isn’t going to struggle weight either of these two weight stipulations. For an older fighter, it would potentially be a problem, but not for the 24-year-old Ryan, who is lean and tall at 5’11”.

“He’s got a tremendous amount of power and his pedigree. A lot of people think of him as a social media star, but he started at age seven,” said Henry Garcia to Fight Hub TV, talking about Ryan Garcia.

“I have a strong prediction that he’s going to knock him out,” said Henry, predicting a stoppage win for Ryan over Gervonta. “I don’t have a prediction exactly, but I would say the eighth round sounds good to me.

“There’s going to be a stoppage and it’s going to be Ryan. Ryan is going to stop Tank in the eighth round.

“I’ve never seen my son gain more than ten pounds, give or take,” said Henry when asked if the dehydration clause will be a problem for Ryan against Tank. “It’s never been an issue for him.

“I want him to gain at least nine pounds or ten pounds is good too, but he knows what he’s up against, or he’s going to forget or go over. We’re all monitoring everything. It’s not going to be a factor for him. In fact, it’s going to be good for him.

“His signature punch at first was his jab, but then he started liking the hook. And then like Lisa says, his check hook would catch people, and then he started liking that. Then when he turned 17, 18, I was like, ‘His signature now is his left hook.’

“But another thing they overlook is his right hand. People have to understand why he had some issues with his right hand and couldn’t knock people out is because he had an injury. That’s why he couldn’t fight JoJo Diaz.

“The doctor told him, ‘Hey, why don’t you get that taken care of? you’ve got time.’ He did, and now it’s 100%. I’m telling you, don’t overlook his right hand,” said Henry Garcia.

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